Thursday, March 8, 2012

Please! Spring, Hurry Up!

I'm so sick of the crazy weather lately and of being sick myself almost non stop since December.

Yesterday, around 10A, I received a call from Sissy's school. She had thrown up twice and needed to be picked up.

The Kindergarten kids are seated around rectangular tables...I think there are about 6 children per table...Anyway, the first upchuck episode was on the table. I'm sure her table-mates enjoyed that. She had pepperoni for breakfast (don't judge me, it's what she wanted and is not much different than bacon or sausage), so the breakfast came up. Such a treat for her other classmates.

I was told that the school doesn't want them to return until 24 hours past their last vomit episode, so she is home today. She feels well and says her stomach doesn't hurt.

The culprit of all this mess is the weather. We've had snow, flood watches (monsoon type rains), and sunny almost 70 degree days in the last week and a half. It's no wonder everyone is sick as can be.

I had plans yesterday to go to the Mart, but didn't want to risk a chance of my child vomiting in the store. So, we will go today. She can be my little helper.

Maybe we'll stock up on OTC meds to get us all through this sick-a-palooza.

We've had a really mild Winter, perhaps it never was cold enough to freeze all the random germs.

Have a happy and hopefully, illness-free Thursday, hooligans!



  1. Poor Sissy... Hope she continues to feel better. That pepperoni certainly tastes better going down than on the way up...

  2. I blame this weather on the atom bomb. Things have never been right since John Glenn circled the earth.

  3. Oh being sick like that is the worst! I'll take fever and cough over vomiting any day. Hope she feels better soon, and that no one else gets it!

  4. Poor little one. Hope she is feeling better now.

    We've been sick since November. I just want warmer weather to get here and all the germs to be gone!

    Hope you all get and STAY well soon!