Monday, March 19, 2012


Whether it's an hour back or an hour ahead, it always takes me a week or so to get into some type of regular schedule. My sleep schedule is way off and add I wake myself up coughing several times a night to the time change...well, I haven't been getting much rest. Blah!

Then, I feel like a slug most of the early part of the day. Thankfully, at some point, I will catch my 2nd wind and be productive for a few hours in the late afternoon/evening.

A week or so ago, I got an email from a reader who wanted to submit a Friday Secret and I kept meaning to post it. Being so scatterbrained these days, I would forget to do that. SO, with that being said, I will post it this Friday and if anyone would also like to participate, make up a fake email addy (or use your own if you're bold - I'd never tell a soul anything anyway), then send your secret to

I will also post pictures if you send them. However, let's keep this PG-13. A little risque is ok, but let's face it: no one wants to see your bunghole with a carrot sticking out of it (truth: I have seen this before and it can't be unseen).

Have a happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. Oh good! I am so excited to hear about how all those other people live...pristine here of course! I love Friday stories and picture day!

  2. I'd forgotten about the secrets and pictures as well. My cup overrunneth.