Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a Gloomy Day in the Neighborhood

As usual. I wish Mother Nature would pick a season and stick with it. I don't function well with "in between" scenarios.

At least we had a relaxing weekend - it went by much too fast!

Then, just to top off the excitement of a new week...As I was driving home after getting Sissy to school, I was pulled over by the Po-Po.

There is an intersection here where I have to turn left. The light only allows about 3 cars through before it turns red again and stays red for eleventy billion minutes. When I approached the light and started to turn, the light went to yellow, so I zipped on through.

Anyone ever heard of the "point of no return" (i.e. when you are halfway under the light, and it's yellow, it's kinda too late to stop.)

So, I continued on my trajectory, eager to get home. Only po-po had a different idea. I saw him back up into a parking lot, turn left and turn the lights on. I knew I was in his sights.

I had to drive a bit to find a place to pull over. He approached my van and I already had my license, registration and proof of insurance out. He ain't gonna catch me ridin' dirty.

I rolled my window down and said, "That light was clearly yellow." And he said, "So, you know why I pulled you over and no, that light was red." (bool). I said, "No, it was yellow and I didn't have time to stop."

That's when he pulled rank on me and said we could sit there and disagree on the matter and he could write me a ticket and see me in court, or I could just take the "friendly warning". Seeing as how gas prices are so high, I can't afford a ticket AND driving downtown. (plus, I'm a cheapskate).

I may not be too smart, but I just shrugged and shut up at that point. He contacted whoever they contact to make sure I wasn't a fugitive or wanted for any other crimes and said, "Just watch out for those red lights." It was YELLOW!

The whole thing pissed me off and wore me out, so I came home for a short nap. Now, I have to get ready for the day and do some crap around the house. Can you see where my life gets the glamor?

I didn't think so.

Hope my hooligans are having a better Monday! :-)



  1. I hear ya...Running yellow lights always wears me out too. Cheers ETW!!


  2. You're lucky, I never get a warning. Heck I even try flirting, but so far hasn't helped things...

  3. I hate when police to the talking down "I'm right, your're wrong" crap. It's cheaper to back down and let them feel right, even when they aren't.

    It's not easy, though. [I believe you.]