Thursday, September 29, 2011


I just sent in the last payment on our van earlier this month. We're in possession of the title. Our Buick was an inheritance vehicle that had been paid off before we received it.

So, here we are, finally with no car payments again (we went 10 years with no car liens). Then, the shit hits the fan. Both vehicles need work. Both have very low mileage for their age, so we'll suck it up and pay for repairs until it just doesn't make sense anymore.

Then, Buddy's ceiling fan went bad. The fan works, but the lights don't. We've tried everything to fix it. This weekend, we'll be out shopping for a new fan. We also want one in our master bedroom and Sissy wants on in her room (the latter 2 rooms have crappy 2 bulb, saucer-type shades and they're beyond fugly - IMO). We also bought a new light fixture for the kitchen a while back, so we might as well hire someone out to do all four fixtures at once.

Ching ching.

We're good people. We're giving to our community, with both time and money (if we have extra). So, karma SHOULD give us a break, right?

Sometimes, it does. But, right now, we're getting the shaft on all sides.

People might say, "ETW, get off your duff and get a J.O.B." But, I found out this morning that, according to a certain early literacy test, given to Kindergarten through 3rd grade, that Sissy not only did very well, but scored "Off the chart". The administrator of the test told me "She blew me away with her knowledge". They basically only expect a beginning Kindergarten student to score a 5. Sissy scored over 60 and the chart only shows up to the 50 line. The goal for this age is to score a 25 by January. She has already passed that in all three testing areas.

I've stayed at home with both of my li'l crotch parasites and worked with them both, so whatever monetary benefits we've let go are worth it to me.

It'll all work out in the end, right? :-)

Have a happy Thursday, my hooligans!



  1. Stay at home with your kids if you can. Many people find it difficult to have a reasonable life without both parents working, but I'm sure in the long run it better if one of you is at home.

  2. I can so relate to this. The problem with buying cars, is that you don't buy cars. You buy warranties.

    I am due to shop for a warranty soon and I hope I get a good car with it.

    Good luck with that ETW. I know the feeling.

  3. Sorry about the car suckage right now, but it's always something. Awesome for Sissy's score!! Shows where you invested in what's important.