Monday, September 12, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

Sissy had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago, so we went to the docs for a check up and antibiotics. I also realized I had not made either child's yearly "well child" check up for the year. I wanted to schedule that, but on separate days.

Buddy is 13 and there may be some things he wants to discuss or whatever that he wouldn't appreciate having his little sister there. So, not being a morning person (I'm only forced to fake it most of the time), the nurse gave me tomorrow at 1:30 for Sis and Wednesday at 1:30 for Bubs.

Then, I get home and realize that I have an appointment to see my neuro today at 12:30. The cat also needs to be scheduled for her yearly check up....I might wait 'til next week for that one. Once she sees that crate, she's totally onto me.

This summer, I had plans to harness train her. My first calico walked on a lead and would heel, sit in the car seat happily and just kinda go with the flow. But, it was just so blasted hot most days and getting her into the harness is a bit of a challenge - I'm afraid if I start with just a collar, she might choke on it, trying to get away.

Some cats just take to it easier than others. When Chingate heard the clinking of the lead and collar, she knew it was happy bye-bye time and would come running. I'd open the car door and she would hop in and make herself at home on the passenger side seat - sometimes in the back window if it was sunny, so she could catch some rays. That was back when I had a 4 door sedan. Now, I have a van - so there is no back ledge to perch upon. So, this is gonna be a busy week for yours truly. I still have to work in food shopping and prep, housekeeping, child wrangling, etc.

All I know is that I would not cancel my neuro appt. for a million dollars - I probably wouldn't be seen for another 6 months. Around here, finding a neurologist is almost a futile attempt. IF you find one AND you can get your foot in the door, it's nothing short of a miracle. My 1st neurologist moved out of state - no biggie, because I wasn't very fond of him and wanted to get in with the most popular neuro in town. Which, after much hand-wringing and paperwork, I was deemed worthy of being her patient. I really liked her. She and her husband (also a neurologist)....moved out of state. I decided to go with the doctor that my former physician's assistant (for my 2nd doc) was going to work for. I knew he could get me in. And, so far, I like the new doc.

He's very pleasant and a good listener. That is my week in a nutshell.

Do you ever over-schedule yourself by accident? I'm really not a fan of that. I'll need to figger out my smart phone calendar app, so I can have my schedule at all times. I hope all my hooligans are off to a great start this week. Happy (?) Monday. :-)



  1. I couldn't survive without my smart phone calender. I can schedule on my phone or on my gmail calendar and it all shows up on the phone. It's the only thing keeping me on time to all my doctor appointments nowadays.

  2. there is no way in HELL i could wrangle my cat to a way. He'd kill me first...