Friday, September 2, 2011

New Discoveries

It's amazing to me how far in the weeds I've gotten regarding housework. Here I thought, "Oh, both kids in school all day: I'll have tons of time to clean."

Well, let me just tell you I was wrong. So. Very. Wrong. After I drop Sissy off at Kindergarten, I come home and like to have a little downtime. You know, about an hour to check my email, Facebook, etc. Then, I get a shower and get to work, but there's a lot to do here!

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see "The Help". I'd read the book, as had she, and we were both keen on catching the movie. The movie was longer than we expected, but it didn't help that there were 40 (exaggeration) previews before the actual show got started. It was very good. We shared a popcorn and when it was over, I didn't even have to look at her. I reached into my handbag and got 2 tissues. One for her, and one for me. We laughed, we cried - it was a cool girlfriend bonding moment. LOL. (Kenju will know who I was with....shhhhh).

So, I didn't get around to much housework yesterday, but just to get out of the house with a friend was a real treat. I have not physically stepped foot in a theatre in probably 6 years. Luckily, there were only about 10 people total (including us) there. Early weekday matinees are the bomb!

My other recent discovery is that Bella (the cat) is intensely interested in the lizard population that live out in the brick planter on the patio. Well, it's not so much a "planter" as it is an overly large weed patch, but whatever. There's a little gap at the bottom and that's where they hang out until they want some sun, then they skitter out and drive Bella to the brink of insanity. I have never seen a cat's tail flap around that fast or with as much force as she puts into it.

Housework calls my name, so I must get at it. Happy Friday, hooligans and YAY for a long weekend - I think we all really need a long weekend at Casa Evil Twin. Enjoy yours!



  1. housework can wait for a while. Grab those chances with friends!!

  2. The housework won't go anywhere! Glad you got to a movie with a friend. How fun! I need a weekend of nothing but we've got family coming for the weekend. That will be fun. But next weekend...I'm doing nothing!

  3. I'm so glad that both of you went to see The Help. I think it is a terrific movie!

  4. I rarely go to the movies these days, because I can't stand the interruptions from others. Matinées are a perfect solution!

    I'm glad that you had the chance to get out and about with a friend. Tiff is right; the housework won't go anywhere!

  5. I love going out to the movies! They are a great way to get lost in another person's life and escape my own reality for a couple of hours.

    The movie looks good can't wait to see it!