Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Da Weeds

That's me and laundry these days. So, today - like "Man vs. Food", it will be "Mom vs. Laundry". I hope I can take the laundry down and claim my victory.

So far, I have a good start.

I have my own little system. First, I sort things into piles of what they are: shirts, socks, etc. Anything that needs to be put on a hanger immediately - like the Evil Twin's work clothes - go directly on a hanger. I then sort the piles to who they belong to. Then, it's to folding and making neat little stacks for each person.

Once the stacks are complete, then I help them find their way to the appropriate drawer. That way, the family can open the closet or drawer and be all surprised that the Laundry Fairy paid a visit!

Well, this mound o' laundry isn't going anywhere if I'm on the computer. Wish me luck! And, have a happy hump day, hooligans!



  1. Interesting. You don't dry them first?

  2. Folding laundry.... quaint concept. I work from the basket. What can I say, I'm a rebel... a wrinkled rebel at that.

  3. M - of course, I meant "after" I retrieve them from the dryer! :-)

    Ron - You know, they make that Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray. A few sprays, smooth it down and you're good to go once it's dry! :-)