Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Quiet Day

Finally, I have a totally quiet day. That doesn't mean I'm not busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, though.

I really don't mind many aspects of housework. You know what I do hate? Making phone calls to get things straightened out, or to get some needed information. I usually get transferred 5 million times (exaggeration - that's how I roll) and then on the last transfer, after having explained myself 5 million times, I get cut off.

Story of my life.

The Evil Twin and I both needed to have our cars checked for potential problems yesterday, so we dropped the van (mine) off and used his for the day to run other errands. Shortly before 3, the garage called and said my van was ready! Yay!

On my way home, I have to turn left onto the main road going to our neighborhood. It's a 4 way intersection with stop lights. I had the green and started to turn until some crazy bat ran the red light and made a left right in front of me. Thank goodness I wasn't going very fast or I would have hit her.

By the looks of her, I'm pretty sure she died in 1974 and no one ever told her. It reminded me of one of my favorite jokes:

Two elderly ladies were driving around town. Ethel was driving and Myrtle was a passenger. Ethel ran thru one red light, but Myrtle didn't say a word, she was just glad they weren't hit. Then, Ethel ran thru a 2nd red light. Again, Myrtle kept quiet. Then, Ethel ran thru a 3rd red light and Myrtle couldn't take it any more. She said, "Ethel, do you realize you have gone thru 3 red lights?" and Ethel replied "Oh, am I driving?"

Shortly after we all arrived home, the Evil Twin and Sissy decided to make a trip to the Mart of K. It is situated in a large strip mall area with plenty of parking and several other handy stores. He was in the turn lane to enter the lot when some lunatic drove over the curb and into the grass, as if that was the entrance. He said it was someone in a Buick similar to ours and I'm almost positive that Ethel who ran the red light was also in a Buick (it was a 4 door sedan of some type). I'm almost positive it was the same lunatic.

Whoever was driving had to back it up, back into the road while all the other vehicles had to wait for "whoever" to get out of this ridiculous pickle.

You get all kinds around here..... Never a dull moment. I'll take that, as long as I'm only a witness and not involved in the crazy.

It's laundry day here, so I must tend to my work. I hope all my hooligans have a lovely Thursday! (I'm still working on the error message mess....hopefully I'll be back to normal soon). :-)



  1. The error message isn't to bad, it makes me feel like I'm doing something dangerous and exciting when I come here ;-) Hopefully Ethel stays far away from you guys for a while.

  2. The drivers around here aren't any better. I am constantly bumfuzzled by the idiocy shown!

  3. Idiots irritate me. Idiot drivers just piss me off. So glad no one got hit!