Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring...Soon, I'll be Snoring

I hope you all had a relaxing 3 day weekend. Ours was nice, but it has rained every day and sometimes, pretty extremely. This morning is no different. I took Sissy to school and tried to keep us as dry as possible getting inside.

I felt bad, because the temperature has dropped so much here, I wanted her to wear something on her legs (not shorts, as usual). So, I chose a really cute outfit she had last year and woke her up.

We were running late. The Evil Twin either forgot to set the alarm or turned it off and went back to sleep. I never heard it (and I always hear it), so I'm not sure what happened. I woke up at 7 and we all had to get cracking.

After I got Sissy breakfast and fixed her hair, I put her in said outfit. It had leggings and those were a full inch too short. I didn't have time to examine all her other pants and the new ones I'd bought at the beginning of the year are still in the laundry basket with tags on them. I hadn't anticipated a cold snap this early on.

So, I dragged my rain-soaked child into school and told her teacher that, "For today, she is wearing 'Capris'" with a wink.

Her teacher and aide are so sweet. They snickered and said they understood...I hope they were laughing WITH me. LOL.

Since it is such a craptacular day, I think I will sort through clothes, wash new ones and catch up on random "to do" items. I should be headed to the Mart, but I'm really not into being soaked by rain and cold - not to mention my hair will not tolerate this weather. Let's see....do I want to look pleasant or have hair like Roseanne Roseannadanna? (Those of you under 35 will need to Google this).

Who knows what today has in store for me? I just kind of make it all work somehow.

I hope my hooligans have a safe and happy Tuesday and I'll see ya tomorrow!



  1. I hear ya'. It's cold and rainy here as well and I am rocking the Roseanne Roseannadanna look. Or, at least I was until I gave up and put it in a ponytail to try to contain it.

  2. MC - I took preventative measures and put mine in a ponytail this morning, but now, I've had a shower and the hair is down (and styled). I think I'll stay inside. ;-)

  3. Good luck on catching up on the to do lists...

    BTW are you a hacker now? Firefox gives me a huge warning when I click your site that your single handedly trying to destroy the world by distributing Badware???

  4. Ron, I keep getting the same thing in both Firefox and Google chrome.