Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Exciting Vet Visit

Bella had her yearly vet check up on Monday. When I called to make the appointment, I expressed some concern about her stools (poops). I then asked if I could just bring in a sample rather than have something shoved in her poo hole (gotta be traumatizing, dontcha think?).

Because she uses the toilet, I knew I could get a nice clean, litter-free sample. They said that was fine. She's a morning pooper, so once she did her poopy bizness, I took a ziploc bag and a plastic fork (What? You think I'd use my own silverware?) and got to work.

There was a good sample right at the front of the bowl, so that was my target. I tried to scoop it up with the fork tines, but it rolled off and got away from me. I decided a more aggressive approach was needed.

So, I speared it like a pickle. But, then half of it broke off.

In my head, I thought, "Screw it." and threw the poo in the baggie. Then, I put the baggie into a brown lunch sack and put it away until appt. time.

Meanwhile, she had to do a number one. I saw her get into position, so I grabbed a small plastic cup with a lid and figured I'd provide them with a urine sample as well.

The pee went right into the little container, I snapped the lid on it and put it in the brown bag beside the ziploc of poo.

I couldn't help but think "What has my life come to?" I'm turd wrangling and sneaking up behind my cat while she pees for a urine sample? The daggone vet's office should be paying ME for doing all the dirty work.

Instead, Bella was given a few shots and a clean bill of health and I walked out $93 poorer.

For a $40 cat, she likes to spend our money.

At least I don't have to buy litter! :-)

Happy Wednesday, my precious hooligans. I think I figured out my computer "attack site" situation, but would you all let me know if you're still getting it? You can email me at - or if you're on my FB list, you can send a message to me there....I guess that is IF you read this despite the stinky "warning".



  1. Just don't confuse the brown bag with the ET's lunch baggie... then he would end up calling you and complaining about how soggy the tootsie roll you put in his lunch was.... And you are no longer a terrorist!!! Yay!!

  2. The things we do for our pets, right?

  3. No more attack site messages. What was the problem, someone says they get it with my blog site.

    I hope the vet appreciated your hard work. Did he do anything with the poo?

  4. No warning was rec'd here, and I have been getting it for a while. I merely clicked "ignore" and continued on.

    I entered via G**gle Chr*me, if that helps.

  5. I just think that is hilarious! I can actually envision you scooping poop with a fork out the toilet. LMAO

    BTW- I was unable to access your site for a while a warning would pop up and say malware detected??? Glad it is sorted out whatever it is.

  6. I'm using Firefox and you are "attack site" free.

    When I was in Med Lab Tech training in the Army we had to wrangle our own stool sample for parasite testing practice. Not fun.