Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like Sand

Some days just seem to slip through my fingers like sand. Yesterday was one of those days. I couldn't get myself together.

Sissy is supposed to have her last day of school on Thursday, June 2, but I decided last week we were finished. The whole schedule was driving me nuts and I was worn out. Buddy's last day is Monday, June 6. MONDAY. One stupid little day. I told him I would call in with an excuse if he wanted to stay home that day, but guess what? No, he wants to go on Monday. Apparently, they have some fun stuff planned.

After that, we are officially off for the summer! As long as the kids don't bicker 24/7, I'll be okay.

As my schedule is becoming cleared up, I've been doing more organizing. I have 4 essential "go to" guides that I use every day. I have one notebook that I keep my "to do" lists in and also grocery items. The 2nd notebook keeps bills in place and allows me to check things off when they're paid. My 3rd important lifeline is my day planner, I keep that within arm's reach at all times. I can't let any plans or deliveries go undocumented. Lastly, I rely on my address book - which also contains birthdays of everyone I know. In that one, I write everything in pencil because most of the people we know like to move around frequently.

Well, happy Hump Day, hooligans. Time for me to get to work for the day! :-)



  1. Funny, you look forward to summer and I HATE summer. The heat and the kids eating up all my food all day. Uuughh

  2. I've been so completely disorganized since we moved. The other day I realized I had 4 different notebooks with a mix of things in each one. My summer goals include getting organized.

    Hope you guys enjoy your summer! I saw a lightening bug when I was in WV last weekend. That's the official start of the season to me!

  3. I agree with Buddy. Those last few days of school is where the fun happens. Got to say goodbye to friends and teachers and enjoy the parties.

    I keep pretty much nothing on actual paper anymore. Everything is in my iphone, on my computer, on outlook and google calendar. When I carried malpractice insurance, I had to triple calendar everything and log had to be paper. I am glad to be clutter free these days.

  4. Your 4-book organizing system is fascinating. I wish I had the will to maintain one, myself.

  5. i always got so sad on the last days of school.. being an only child, i really would miss my friends.

    of course, after having no school for a few days, i realized summer was still much better :)