Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dull Friday in the Sticks

I didn't get any Friday Secrets, so this will be rather lame. The children and I have lived through our first official week of "Summer holiday". We had some rough patches (sibling bickering), but overall, it was decent and relaxing. It was also hotter than Satan's nutsack outside, but I'll take that any day over snow and cold!

ETW don't care for the snow and cold. (<---- Remember, Southerner here!). I've been loving the sun and warmth, so has Miss Bella-Cat. She likes to sit in the front glass door or the back glass door and soak up all the happy sun while she monitors the bird, chipmunk, squirrel, bunny and deer activity. Sooo many critters she won't get the chance to chase down, torture and kill. It must suck to be her, what with all the treats and lovins she gets every day around here. Not to mention, the horrid conditions where she lives. I mean, she has her choice of comfy beds, couches, etc. on which she can lounge...plenty of food and water...Honestly, I feel sorry for her. OK - time for full disclosure now: I did not go to the Mart yesterday, but I WILL today! We need too much for me to blow it off another day. What can I say? I'm a last minute kinda gal. I hope my hooligans have a great Friday and an even better weekend! This has been a really long week around here, so I'm happy for some non-scheduled time. :-) Love,


  1. Damn! No secrets.

    Well, here is hoping that you and the fam have a spectacular weekend.

  2. and a good weekend to you too!

  3. Today is the last day of school for my kids. I lost it in the car on the way in... had to pull over, muttering and crying... "i hate summer vacation, i hate summer vacation"... over and over and over. Not how I wanted to start :P

    I need to think up some secrets...

  4. I've got three cats here who would TOTALLY join Bella at the pity party. They all have their own windows they hang at, and birds who tease them from behind the glass about the dismemberment that. . .ain't.