Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had an appointment with my primary care physician yesterday - nothing serious, just a follow up to see if the increase of my crazy meds was helping (so-so, I'm taking a wait 'n see approach on this one).

Anyhoot, I was extra busy yesterday getting ready for my appointment and didn't have time for Blogger or many other things I normally do in the mornings. SAD.

The Evil Twin came home from work early to watch the kids while I went to the docs and then flitted on over to the Mart.

While I was getting myself ready for the day, I started thinking about how much I enjoy doing things alone. I like company, too, but doing things on my own doesn't really bother me.

Sometimes, it's just faster if I can go somewhere, achieve the mission and get back home. I've been that way all my life.

When my sister was staying with us in February, I asked her if she noticed how quiet I was and that silence doesn't make me all wiggy. She said, "Yes."

I have one friend - we'll call her Miss T - who is also okay with silence. She came over on Friday and had some classwork to do. I had bills to pay and laundry. We both did our own thing and only occasionally looked up to have a conversation. But, it wasn't awkward. I think that's a sign of a solid friendship: that we both feel comfortable chatting - or not - it's no big deal.

I think my solitude makes some people uncomfortable. As long as the other person isn't bored half to death, I can roll with it.

That being said, I would not want to attend a movie alone or eat at a restaurant by myself. Those are social outings I feel like I would be singled out as a loser by being alone, but everything else is fair game.

Am I weird? (Yes). Do I care? (No).

I hope all my hooligans have a lovely Tuesday! Personally, I woke up in a good mood this morning....I hope it lasts. :-)



  1. I don't think you're weird. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my alone time and I even like going out to eat alone. I usually sit at the bar so I don't hog up a table but I think I got used to eating alone when I traveled for a living. There are only so many items on a room service menu!

  2. Oops, one more thing. I think if you do go to a movie alone or choose to eat alone as long as you realize its a choice and that there are other people you could have dinner with you won't feel like a loser. Just my 2 cents! (or .25)

  3. i dont think ANYONE enjoys their alone time more than me.

    and dont knock seeing movies alone.. i do it ALL the time.

    believe me, no one cares...

  4. I'm the opposite: less likely to enjoy solitude around the house, but I LOVE going to movies alone and I'm fine with eating out alone. funny, that.

  5. I HATE eating in a restaurant alone. I don't really remember being alone at home, not in a LONG time, anyway.

    Enjoy your solitude!

  6. I love you attitude today. Sounds like you've really got your stuff together. I like to be with my friends, but I also like "me" time, and lots of it. It's the only time I can can get lots of stuff done, real quick. I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm right with ya.

    Surf Reporter Greg.