Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Odd Holidays

Yesterday was the "birthday" of West Virginia (the day it actually became a state unto itself). The Evil Twin works in a business where this day is a day off.

I have lived here 28 years and I STILL forget it's a holiday. In fact, I never remember the date at all.

Then again, I've never been one to embrace history lessons.

At any rate, the Evil Twin was off work yesterday and of course, the children have been out of school for a few weeks, so it was the whole fam damily here all weekend.

That's always interesting....

We're in for a busy week already. Tonight is the first class for Sissy to have ballet and "tip tap" lessons. She looks adorable in her outfit. Then, on Thursday, we have an appointment with the orthodontist for Buddy. Oddly enough, he will be going to the same orthodontist I did as a teen. I think it's kind of funny that he will be seeing me again after all these years - and I have two children.

I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see me again, as he has four ex-wives (far as I know) and the alimony must be astronomical. Once again, our family can help him cover his overhead costs. Or send his kids to college. Whatever.

The rest of the week will be filled with housework, grocery shopping, banking and any other little things that pop up (and they always do). In addition, I was called upon for a freelance job over the weekend. Editing another book. My editing skillz may bring me a fortune someday, since we never buy lotto tickets.

And, the Evil Twin doesn't think I do anything around here....

Happy Tuesday, hooligans. Remember: Tuesdays (not this one, but the next) are "Don't Take My Word For It" advice blogs, so if you have a burning question : eviltwinswife@gmail.com. Same email for Friday Secrets. Just be sure to put the category in the email or subject line, so I know where to post it. :-) You all are awwwwwweeesoooommme!



  1. ET must have a good job. It's hard to get off around here on the main holidays.

    Congrats on scoring a job!

    And watch out for Mean Mommies at those dance classes. Something tells me you got that under control though.

  2. West Virginia has an actual holiday for when it became a state? That's too funny! Massachusetts has some weird holidays too, but not one for that. :)

  3. Did you guys buy a cake for the birthday??? How many candles did you have?

  4. Isn't your orthodontist a bit long in the tooth.

  5. But not only do you have to do all those things you've listed but you also have to contend with kidditude all day long now that summer is here. Fun stuff.

  6. Germany has oodles of bank holidays in which everybody is off work... I'm moving to Germany in my next life.

    You stay sooo busy. I'll keep working so at least I can rest.