Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiny Dancers

I'm enrolling Sissy in Ballet and Tap dance class. I think I've spent more on her wardrobe than the class cost. (Sorry, Evil Twin, but you know I can't resist and our daughter can't be wearing shitty stuff).

Then, I get the sign up sheet for the class yesterday. They ask permission to "photograph or otherwise record" my child for "any legitimate uses it may deem proper". Hello? I don't think so. The Evil Twin and I wouldn't even sign off on the form to put her photo on the hospital newborn website.

They looked at me like I had a dick hanging off my forehead.

I'm sorry, but my children are minors (and they are MINE). No one has permission to use their photos for public consumption. Again, it kind of goes hand in hand with yesterdays post where I may be extra paranoid. I DO have photos of the children on my Facebook account, but the description is only something akin to "Kids, Christmas 2009". I never use their names and in addition, I also refer to the Evil Twin as such. I don't use his name.

I feel like, if it's my page or account or whatever, it's not about my whole family. They didn't ask to be flaunted publicly (even though my FB is set as totally private to all but my friends).

So, I will visit the dance studio today and let them know my objections for parading my daughter (cute as she may be) on fliers, ads, or whatever. If they want to use her in ads or whatever, we should be compensated for that. No one enjoys my children's names or faces for their own gain. I'm not signing it.

I'm sure the Evil Twin will be 100% in agreement with me.

Have a great Friday, hooligans! Even though I woke up way too early this morning, I'm in a good mood and ready for the day! :-)



  1. Good on you. That phrase is far too vague, and you lose control. As you say she's your child. How is it that joining a class means you suddenly have no say about her.

    I'd get the Evil Twin dressed up in a suit and introduce him as her Nashville agent.

  2. Good for you! I wonder if they are set up to handle a parent NOT signing? Might get interesting :P

  3. I think you are totally in the right. Not that you asked! I put tons of pics of my kids on facebook but I am only friends with people I ACTUALLY know. I have relatives that have 300 "friends." They constantly tag me or my kids in pictures and I constantly have the tags removed. Drives me crazy.

    I'm curious to hear what the dance place says!