Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't Take My Word...Volume 1

I received an email from a regular reader last week and was asked:


You should start an advice portion on your blog. Maybe Tuesdays?

I need some advice.

I have a coworker that is extremely attractive. However, she's married. I have no intention of really going after her in any way shape or form. However, I would love to see a few naked pictures of her. It doesn't have to be fully naked, just some sexy boob and ass shots that's all. How do I ask for some? How would it go if I asked? I would never share with anyone.
OK. I will not reveal a name, but I will say this request is from a male, if that makes any difference in your views. I personally don't care one way or another, I'm just gonna answer it to the "best" of my abilities, which...well...may not amount to much. If any hooligans have a thought, post it in the comments.

Remember, I don't tolerate harsh flaming. If you disagree, fine - say that and move on.
Here is my advice:
Dude, Proceed with caution! I don't know many women who are cool with being approached with this request. Perhaps you could ask her if her husband is not the jealous type. Based on her answer, you *could* attempt the request, but don't be shocked if she turned it down. No one knows where those photos might show up. Some people are a little leery of the internet or "sexting" that goes on these days.

Also, be aware that she may feel violated or harassed just because you asked and this could get you in a metric boat load of trouble at work. It may be easier (and wiser) to visit the local porn shop and get a mag or look online. There is no shortage of naked women or half-clothed ladies on the internet! Good luck!

Hooligans, have a happy Tuesday. I'm getting in the shower, if that thought makes you happier. ;-)



  1. Don't be cautious...Follow the Ike Turner/Mike Tyson action plan. Just watch out for the mace. Cheers!!

  2. Hmmm... I agree with caution. If it goes badly and there are issues it can certainly affect your work/life.

  3. Yeah, I see a workplace sexual harassment suit in the future. There is no way this one can end well.

  4. Harassment in the making!! He is an idiot if he acts on his wishes.

  5. I think you have to talk around the subject a lot and try to find out just how she feels about that sort of thing if you haven't already. I suspect that it's a small minority of women who would be willing under those circumstances (at least about giving them to a coworker) but you may luck out. You will probably have to get her to volunteer to do it, steer her into thinking it was her idea. Regardless it's most likely a long shot. But if it works be sure to share them. ;-)

  6. Great idea on the Tuesday advice column!

    My brain tells me to agree with most of the advice given about this being a sexual harassment case waiting to happen. My gut tells me that Scott is on to something! Especially the sharing the photos part.

    Unsolicited advice to all women: If you take nekkid pictures (or allow your husband/BF to) they WILL end up on the internet. And for that, we thank you.

  7. Unless you've been flirting and she's indicated some amount of interest dude I'd be careful. If she's not interested you'll be in HR picking up your last check before you know it.

  8. My advice - as lawyer - get your porn elsewhere! You will immediately be fired if she is offended.

  9. I suggest he e-mails or text her with a pic of himself in a pair of Y fronts. How she responses will determine whether he'll stand for Congress or not.

    Alternatively he could strip off in front of her and then say "now you show me yours".

    All sensible adult approaches