Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Secrets June 3

1. I work with a fair amount of women - and many are beautiful. So, to say I jerk off a lot at work is an understatement. Last year, I was leaving work and was very horny. At the first stop light I masturbated. First time in a car. It was awesome.

Looking forward to your pics dear...

2. I can't be the only reader here who does this same thing:  I have two different Internet personalities.  In the mornings before work (while my wife is still asleep) I have an entire list of blogs I read and my own blog I write, all centered on sexual stuff.  In other words, I look at pr0n!   In the afternoons and on weekends, I have a completely (mostly) different set of blog sites where I use my real name and link to my other (non-sex) blog.  

Funny how I often recognize many of my afternoon bloggers from my morning list of blog sites; you people obviously don't keep secrets from your spouses! 

3. One night my wife and I had another couple visiting. Lady X, who is an old friend, and I went outside to get some ice from the cooler.  While we were outside, we made out and I gave her a fingering.  It was extremely exciting, but I could never tell my wife about it.

4. I recently purchased a shampoo made by Pert called Fresh or something like that. It claims to have a menthol feel to it.  It really does make your hair feel tingly. It works very well on your balls and ass crack too.  I suspect most guys who have used this product know exactly what I mean.  The other day as I was showering and cleaning my nether regions with this shampoo, I slipped a soapy finger in my hole. Oh sure, I've done this before (really,who hasn't?).  The sensation of the menthol in the shampoo was incredible!  Yay for menthol shampoo!

[Rare Editor's note: Try Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap. Available online or at health food stores. I heard Target carries it now, but I haven't seen it here].

This weeks pic is another re-run. I've just been too busy to do anything exciting or creative, but it'll give y'all something to stare at while you don't do any work! ;-)

TGIF, hooligans!



  1. ah, i loves me some friday's secrets!

  2. I'm confused. #1 can consummate a masturbation session at a stop light? How long are the lights there? And what of the creamy filling?

  3. ha ha.. the two identity thing is pretty funny...i dont' see how you can surf the web WITHOUT two id's are you kidding me... and I'm not saying anything more...

  4. #1 can consummate a masturbation session at a stop light? How long are the lights there? And what of the creamy filling?

    I can't claim first hand experience here, but I suspect depending on the traffic preceding the stoplight in question, the light wouldn't have to be much longer than normal. Assuming of course you had some Pert (#4) in the shower that morning.

    I don't have an answer for the second part but suspect someone has been asking for extra napkins at the McDonald's drive thru.

  5. Love Friday secrets, I've missed them.

    (I also love your top in that pic.)

  6. That's not fair. Such a build up and no show!