Thursday, June 23, 2011

That's How I Roll

The more I have to do, the more I tend to procrastinate. Take this morning, for example: Buddy has his consultation with the orthodontist today around 1 pm. I'm still sitting here checking my emails and what not.

Sissy had her first Ballet/Tap class on Tuesday evening and she loved it. Not that I'm biased or anything, but she was the cutest girl in the whole class (there were only 3). She loved it and asks every day if she has "Tip Tap" class this day. I say, "No, just on Tuesday evenings." Once a week. She doesn't get that.

As far as the "sign off" on publicity photos went, I told the front desk clerk I wasn't signing and why. She said, "No problem, we'll just mark her form as you wish." So, that little issue was fixed. I don't mind if she is featured in a recital video, just not to plaster her on ads or fliers.

Anyhoots, I'm on my way to get ready and drive the kids downtown. Might need an extra Ativan for that - I hate HATE driving downtown.

At least I know where the office is located, since I went there myself as a teen and I know there is plenty of parking (free!). It's difficult to find parking downtown for many businesses and even more rare that the parking lot doesn't charge a fee.

Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed we won't have to file bankruptcy to have our kids' teeth fixed! LOL.



  1. Good thing Sissy is not in my baby's class, because currently my baby is the cutest. We might have to torn into toddler and Tiara moms. LOL

  2. I'm sure Tippy Tap class is the cutest thing ever. Hope the dentist doesn't make you mortgage the house....