Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday Secrets: Preempted Until Next Friday

I was really busy on Friday and then, our router was going in and out on Saturday. I think we need a new one. I figure I'll just wait until next Friday to post (and maybe get a few more secrets). Everything else is ready to go, though.

I just wanted to let everyone know and reassure those who did send secrets that they WILL be posted, but just a little late.

I may go router shopping today. I need to pick up some Memorial Day cook out food anyway, so I can do both.

Well, as usual, no holiday or vacation time is wasted on Moms, so I still have a ton of work to do. I hope you hooligans enjoy your time off.

And thanks to all the troops serving, who have served in the past. If it weren't for you all, the United States wouldn't be what it is - the most free nation in the world.



  1. Is your router wi-fi? How do you go shopping for one?

    We're pretty free over here: we must be your Pres said so, and our queen agreed.

  2. I suppose we can wait. Perhaps we'll get double the secrets and double the pics!

  3. M - Go to the electronics store and ask the sales person for a recommendation (and yes, it's wi-fi - the old one and the new one).

    Dave - I hope I get more secrets! :-)