Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's What?

Only Tuesday?? Sheesh. Why does time move so fast sometimes and move so slow other times? That's a real conundrum for me. Keep it consistent, Time Fairies!

I don't appreciate being thrown off my schedule....Which is actually not really a schedule, but more of a "I need to get this done" list. I just try to squeeze it all in when it seems doable.

Like today: I have to do some laundry (what else is new??), And I need to get my van registered at some point. The trip to the Mart looms large in my future as well. And those are just a few errands. I still have stuff to do.

I got a really cool new necklace in the mail. It will be featured in the Friday Secrets, along with my ample boobage. Don't we just all love boobs?

I have a friend who has accused me of being a closet hippie because I like all natural products, etc. But, I must say, I am not a hippie - However, my "girls" are all natural and home grown. I think it's the power of positive thinking! :-D

Alrighty then, I'm off to do my regular and not as fun work for the day. I hope you hooligans have a happy Tuesday (Let's keep our fingers crossed that the week will speed up a bit!)



  1. Time stands absolutely still for me at Arkham. I have to close my eyes at times for time itself to move.

    Things take forever here. So I can relate to your post. Yeah, it is only Tuesday.

    ....and oh yes, I love your boobs!

    Laugh at Joker

  2. i for one appreciate the natural route. if you need me to help you care for them, give me a call.

  3. I went to Walmart today. I bought groceries, 2 new pillows for my bed and 2 tops (which turned out to be pajama tops). I love the Mart.

  4. Wow, only Tuesday, I hear ya- hey I think we might be living double lives- Im always doing laundry and my van just got registered after going thru so much red tape! But it's done, til next year- lol. & FYI- love your blog!

    mom2twobiscuitheds- lynda in Calif

  5. And 3 days later it's only Wednesday... sigh... will Friday never come?

  6. Here is why time moves differently.