Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Tired...and Hungry, too!

I have been unbelievably tired today. Got a decent night's sleep, but still woke up just a draggin'. I usually sleep super well if my girl, Bella, is by my side. Which she was all night (Bella is the spoiled family Calico cat - who takes up more than her fair share of the bed).

I'd like to be her, sometimes. ;-)

So, it's Cinco de Mayo and I don't think it's any weird coincidence or anything, but I need Gazpacho and guacamole today. In fact, I could eat those things every day.

Growing up, my dad worked with a man whose wife was from Madrid. That was my introduction (and addiction) to gazpacho. I've tried my hand at making it many times, but it has never been as good as Carmen's gazpacho. I wish I had one sure fire recipe for this delicious soup.

I wasn't even thinking of Cinco de Mayo yesterday when I dragged the kids all over the Mart looking for guacamole. I think I'm just Latina by heart. Couldn't find any guac. (Note to self: Learn how to make it at home!).

I hope all my hooligans have a super special Cinco de Mayo and will also check in tomorrow for the Friday Secrets (and a bonus!). I think you will all be pleasantly surprised!! Happy Thursday!



  1. Make your own, it's easy and better than anything store bought. I'd give you my recipe but I just start with avocado's, red onion, tomato, lime juice, cilantro and salt and do it all to my own taste, sorry no measurements. Sometimes I make Lazy-girl quac which is an avocado and a tablespoon or so of store bought salsa. It does in a pinch.

    Also, if you have a Chipotle nearby you can order their chips and guac and it's pretty damn good too!

    OK, now you know, I'm a quacamole addict!

  2. You can also use Ro*Tel and lime, salt and cayenne to taste. See the Ro Tel site for the recipe.

  3. Put some Tostito's Mild Sals in the fridge for an hour, then eat it with a spoon. There go , gazpacho!

  4. You would think that being Hispanic I would get into Guacamole...but I don't. I think it's because of the consistency. Guac does nothing for me.

    Gaspacho on the other hand...if cooked correctly is just on this side of AWESOME!

    Now I am hungry....

  5. Guzpacho always reminds me of the Red Dwarf episode where the snotty officer hologram talks about when he had dinner with some big wig and keep sending the soup back to the kitchen because the tempurature wasn't right. It kep tcoming back cold and he got so pissed he went nuts on the waiter. Then the big wig explained that the soup was guzpacho and it was supposed to be cold.

  6. Hey! We should be neighbors, I love to make guac, don't love to eat it. It the only food I've ever eaten thats given me instant heart burn. So I just eat the avocado smashed up coarsly with salsa on tortilla chips. All the beach people LOVE my guac though, pretty much the same as the Mysterychick's recipe, but I add garlic and a splash of Leah&Perrin's worchestershire sauce, and sometimes a handful of black beans and a swirl of sour cream.

    Happy Cinca de Mayo ETW : )

  7. Lazy Homemade Guac... smash up the avocado and add your favorite ready-made salsa or picante and mix it up. Creamy and smooth avocado with that spicy goodness.


    Now you have no excuse!

  9. I had Taco Bell so I guess I was celebrating cinco de mayo too!!!