Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Secrets May 20

1. My spouse's drinking is slipping, getting worse again. It's not to the point where their job is in jeopardy, nor is it to the point that drove me to stage the home version of the show "Intervention" 4 years ago. 


I fear the spouses next 'bottom' will be my last.  30+ years down the shitter because the spouse is still in denial about the drinking problem.  I need to be free.

2. When I was in high school my cousin and I went out and picked up two girls. It was my first time doing something like this. We weren't really sure where we were going to get laid since we really didn't think we could pull it off. So, when things started getting hot and heavy we were quite surprised. We needed a plan fast. Then my cousin remembered grandma was out of town that weekend and he said he knew how to get in the house. So, we took the two whores to grandma's. He and his gal took the guest bedroom and I took grandma's room. And there on gradma's bed at the tender age of 15 I fucked a whore. To this day, only my cousin and I know about this. Every time I go over to grandma's house I think about this little secret. It was quite thrilling.

The next 2 were sent in by the same anonymous reader:
3. I love me some pain killers.  They make other people tolerable and every day feel like a 68 degree blue skied spring day.
4. I can prove the government is blowing millions of dollars.  Practically throwing away about 10 million dollars a year in an organization of only 90 people.  No one even sees the money, it essentially is dissolved into funds. 

Once again, none of the secrets are mine. I think I run out of good stuff because I'm all TMI all the time. :-)

Now, enjoy the other treat:

Happy Friday, hooligans. I know that I am super happy it has arrived!



  1. #3- Wow, Honest. I think most people feel the same too bad I have no insurance and can't enjoy blue skys.

  2. #2 I think technically you were dealing with sluts, unless you paid them money in which case you are correct and whore is more applicable.

    Either way it's all good....

  3. My secret is that I'm a boob lover, I have to be I make so many.

  4. Gotta love Friday Secrets - and GOTTA love the boobs.... Auh - May - Zing....ymmmmmm

  5. LOL... I can't believe you posted your boobs! But then again, so did I :P

    Love these Friday secrets :)