Thursday, May 19, 2011

Having a Hard Week

I am SO tired. I saw my physician on Tuesday and he upped my Zoloft from 50 mg to 100 mg. This week, though, I'm only taking a 50 and a 50 cut in half (75 mg total), to work up to the 100 mg. I don't think that's the reason for my overwhelming fatigue though.

I bought doughnuts this morning because a couple of the moms I actually get along with at Sissy's school were due to drop by. However, one mom wasn't feeling well and the other had different plans. So, there are a dozen really awesome looking - and smelling - doughnuts in the house. I want one so bad, but the thoughts of the calorie count keep me away from the box. I might have one after dinner for desert.

Or, I might go all werepig on myself and eat one right away.

Who knows? I have a couple of Friday Seeeeekrits for tomorrow. I know you guys have more skeletons in your closet! And no one will recognize your handwriting or photos, because all I post is a type written email from whoever it comes from.

Remember: Secrets = Cleavage shot, maybe even something more daring! :-)

Have a great Thursday, hooligans - the weekend is almost here! YAY!



  1. Eat the doughnut! You deserve it.

  2. You'd make the cutest werepig!

    Now eat a damn donut!

  3. If donuts are not within my reach, I'm fine without them - but if they are in my house - I'd eat the whole box!

  4. I always eat doughnuts! Trouble is, they put my ass right to sleep! Maybe not a good move since you're feeling sleepy.

  5. I always start with just one little doughnut and next thing you know the whole box is laying on the floor in shreds ;-)