Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Enough

This is today's topic for the Madhouse

I often say that there is not enough Ativan in the world to keep me even semi calm in large crowds or unfamiliar situations.

And, I often say there are not enough hours in the day. But, really? What would I do with more hours? Continue to stay anxious a few more hours? Let my children drive me to the loony bin for sure? (don't get me wrong - I love them to bits, but they like to ride my last nerve - with spurs on).

I have to say I do feel blessed to have just enough in life. Enough to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Enough love to go around to all my family and also to receive enough love in return.

I guess we have to get our "enough" from different areas of our lives.

I am not happy with this entry, but it's got to be enough for today. I have a busy day ahead and need to get started. I'll see you hooligans tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday! :-)



  1. I liked this entry, it was more than enough!

  2. I love being referred to as a "hooligan"... makes me feel young and care-free :)

  3. "ride my last nerve - with spurs on" LOL, sound like my wife and teenage daughter, I can feel for you. Sometimes I thing "enough" is a good thing, keeps us grounded.

  4. not enough...a tough prompt. Thank goodness for having enough to be happy on!

  5. Enough is enough except when it isn't....

  6. i know what you mean about crowds and unfamiliar situations. I'd so much rather hide at home!