Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello, Monday

Say that in your head like Jerry Seinfeld when he would say "Hello, Newman". And by the tone of his voice, you know it wasn't a pleasant greeting.

I used to love Mondays. I knew that after a hectic weekend with the whole family, I could decompress on Mondays and have some quiet time to myself.

Now, Mondays just represent another day of running around, making lists for groceries and errands for the rest of the week and feeling blah. I'd like to have one day to just relax. I mean, I don't get many breaks on weekends and during the week, I try to tie up all the loose ends while everyone else is at work/school.

The good news is that I finally gave the Evil Twin a sample of the kind of tattoo I want. Now that he knows what direction to go in, I think he's actually going to do it! This will be my 5th and last tattoo (I promise!). I'll post a picture of the final design and then another pic of the finished product on my person! And, no, I am not getting a tramp stamp, thankyouverymuch. I'm thinking upper left arm. We'll see.

Well, I must hurry off here and get a few things done before picking up Sissy at preschool. She was so excited to go today because she got some Sketchers "Twinkle Toe" shoes over the weekend and she wants all her classmates to see them. LOL. It must be nice to be 5 and get so excited over a pair of bedazzled shoes!

I hope all my hooligans have a good Monday and I'll be back!



  1. My 7 year-old loves her Twinkle Toes too but we bought the Payless ones because Mama told her she could two pairs for the price of one that way!

  2. I wish getting a new pair of shoes would get me excited enough to want to go into work, blech!

  3. A pair of bedazzled shoes actually WOULD excite me. ;-)

  4. And here I thought I was the only one wearing Twinkle Toe Sketchers today!!!

  5. I wish they made twinkle tow shoes in ladies size 11s. I'd totally wear them.

    Cool on the tat - they're fun, esp when you design your own!

  6. Yay for sparkly shoes! I want some, too :P

    Can't wait to see the new ink!

  7. I have 3 tattoos, and really want more. I need to keep them kinda hidden though, due to my job.

    Getting inked is getting art on your body.

    Can't wait to see yours. I remember a lady I knew got some flowers and butterflies along the outer side of her foot. It was so beautiful!

  8. I'm confused. Why did you give the Evil Twin a sample of the tattoo? Does he do them for you? Or is his say so required?

    Look forward to seeing you in Twinkle Toes, with your new hair and tattoo. Will I recognise you?