Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This week's Madhouse topic is Fire. That's a toughie. While I have never experienced the trauma of a house fire, a very close friend of mine did (it was before we met). She and her son lost everything, including a few beloved furry family members. I can't even imagine the pain.

To add insult to injury, her home insurance is astronomical now. She's a single mom, trying to do the best for her son and then the insurance company jacks up the rate because of a fire that was NOT THEIR FAULT? This is one reason I can't stand insurance companies. Sure, I know it's necessary, but it's also highway robbery in my book.

You can pay and pay and pay for YEARS, then the second something does happen and you need it, you get punished for needing it. It's not likely that your house is going to burst into flames every other year or anything like that. I don't think any sane human wants their house to catch on fire.

My friend doesn't like to talk about the fire. I can see the pain in her eyes. It's too bad the insurance companies only see the bottom line ($$$) and not what is in the best interest of their customers. There! That's my rant o' the day, hooligans!

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I count auto theft up next to how insurance companies scew people. Next, towing companies.

  2. Losing my pirate side. Forgot me arrrrrr!

  3. A close family friend died in a fire when I was in college. The mother was heard screaming inside the house while her kids and husband were outside trying to get her out. So tragic. Fire is something that scares the crap out of me.

  4. My house burned down on Valentine's Day when I was 10. Some things you never forget.

  5. I have a pet peeve about insurance companies. In my opinion, I think that they have gotten totally out of control. Everything from health insurance, to home insurance, to auto. It is really getting to the point where one has to seriously look at the industry and ask if we really need them?

  6. I totally agree. You pay $ for years and years then finally have a claim and you end up paying 5 times whatever the claim amount was back to them in the next year. Grrrr......

  7. Those insurance companies have the game rigged. That's for sure.

    Manage risk my ass!

  8. I consider all insurance a legal form of a shakedown. It's organized mob behavior, regulated by the government.

    This is from someone who "BENEFITS" from health insurance (my injections cost $2K/month).