Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Many Mondays in a Week?

Last week, every day was a Monday. This week hasn't fared any better so far.

Around here, we don't do much for birthdays or anniversaries. We generally let the birthday person choose a restaurant and then go have a nice lunch or dinner. Sissy chose Red Lobster (Why? I'm not sure...she doesn't even like seafood). Due to the weather and our schedules, we weren't able to coordinate her birthday dinner with her actual birthday (February 2nd), so we decided to go on an "off" night - thinking it would be less crowded.

Last night was the date chosen. A Monday.

After all, who would be eating themselves into a seafood coma on a Monday evening?? Ha! That place was packed! We had to wait to be seated, then wait on our appetizers, then more waiting because we had no silverware.

But, eventually, things turned around and we had a lovely dinner. The Evil Twin started with the stuffed mushrooms and Buddy got the calamari appetizer. I knew I'd be doing well to make it past the salad and cheese biscuits. We brought home 3 boxes of food that no one could finish!

We got home late and got Sissy in bed. Buddy had mentioned earlier that he had science homework, but by the time I was fully engaged in my food coma, I had forgotten that and asked him if he wanted to watch an episode or 2 of a show we're getting on the DVR.

This is the time he should have spoken up and said, "No, I have homework. Remember?" And, I would have said, "Oh, that's right. We'll save the shows for another time."

The way I see it: He's 13. His homework is his responsibility. I did not need his pity party or to hear him yelling at his sister for no reason, other than her she was in his line of sight.

So, this morning, there was much carrying on and gnashing of teeth. I was primarily blamed for being the distraction that will make our son get an F on a science project he KNEW needed to be completed. I was also vilified for not doing enough dark clothes in the laundry since the Evil Twin didn't have a pair of matching black socks (he did, just not a pair he liked).

I'm going to start making Monday my day "off" and not doing a damn thing. It doesn't really matter if I do anything or not.

Now, my head hurts - along with my heart. I think I'll go start a load of dark clothes, so everyone has black socks to wear.



  1. your morning sounds about as wonderful as mine. my son is 8 and everything is already my fault if it goes wrong. :-( my daughters 4... and she's learning... but i am too and that will nipped in the bud quick. :-)

  2. I love it when my 15 year old blames me for anything that is wrong in her life, including her messy room or the amount of homework she has. Whenever she acts like this I repeat this mantra: Her brain is not fully developed yet. As such, she thinks she knows everything. She does not.

  3. Grrr, I hope the rest of your week is more like Saturday. Stupid black socks and homework.

  4. I'd strike! I'd march up and down outside hubby's place of work with a sign saying "Wash your own friggin' socks"

    I'd boycott your son's school. I'd burn down the slow,slow restaurant.

    I'd also stop eating fish - it makes you ratty.

  5. OM - Where do they learn the "Blame Game"??

    J - You have a much better attitude than I do. I tend to get all: "Get over your damn self!" LOL.

    MC - Black socks are in the dryer and now, I just have to add "homework" to my list of things to remember. Ugh.

    Marg - I didn't have any fish. Gross! LOL. But I love your suggestions! :-)

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  7. Ha My kids blame me for everything. Their failed tests, their messy rooms (because it was me who put all that clean laundry on their beds) If it's jacked up it's all my fault. I often ask them if you cannot remember one thing for one person (you) How the heck do you guys expect me to remember 6 peoples deadlines, appointments, etc? Come on! I totally agree with you...Buddy's responsibility. Period.

  8. Ugh, I've taken that laundry beating. They don't notice the 50 million white socks you spent half a day matching or the fact that you manage to turn ALL THEIR SHIRTS RIGHT SIDE OUT and hang them up. Seriously, would it kill them to turn their shirts around?

    Anyway, it sucks when you feel like your not appreciated. Hope the rest of the week went better!