Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Shout Out From the "Tech Wizard"

That's the nickname my 13 year old Buddy has bestowed upon me - seeing as how I'm very uncool and some technology confounds me. Not all of it, mind you - just certain things.

I do okay troubleshooting on the computer, but even I have moments of WTF? And, Blogger is giving me one of those moments.

I get comfortable with my routines and therefore, I'm less likely to change things. But, I need HALP! With Blogger, you can "follow" other blogs and then they magically appear in your "dashboard" reader thingie (and yes, that's the technical term). However, BLOGGER limits it to 300 blogs.

Most of the blogs I "follow" don't post every day or even very frequently. A big bunch of them have stopped blogging and just *POOF* disappeared all together. But, they're still on my "dashboard" list.

There are some newer blogs (or new to me) that I would like to add. I can't add them because of the maximum "300" rule. Here's the deal: I would like to delete several that have gone missing or gone under or just plain stopped blogging months ago, but the "dashboard" feature does not make that process easy or seemingly, even likely.

Is there anyone out there who can help me with this conundrum? Or even offer a number or email for Blogger, so I can question them myself? I promise that I am not deleting anyone who is a regular...I just want to add a few new regulars. :-)

And, that's it for Wednesday, hooligans! Hope y'all have a great one. I have to shop at the Mart and it's looking like rain soon. Should be fun!



  1. Hmm, it seems you are very correct in this. I just took a quick look and saw an easy way to add a blog I follow but not to delete one. I've been meaning to do this as well for some time as I want to add/delete as well. I'll have to check back here to see if any of your commentators has any idea.

  2. I'm the same way. Google's Blogger frightens and confuses me.

  3. I am probably your TechTwin :P I have no answers. I have deleted one or two but it was a few months ago and I think my memory was erased so I don't know how I did it. Good luck!

  4. Here's how I did it:
    Go to your Blogger dashboard and scroll down to where it says "manage" under "blogs I'm following". If you click manage, you'll see a place to delete that blog from the list. Blogger won't let me into it right now, so I can't get more detailed.

  5. kenju is correct! Once you click on the MANAGE button a box will pop up with a STOP FOLLOWING THIS SITE link (upper right hand corner) Once you confirm it will be removed from your BLOGS I'M FOLLOWING list!

  6. no help here at all. I read the old-fashioned way, by blinging around from tree to tree. Or post to post, as it were.

  7. I do Wordpress. That's scary enough. Blogger is like a foreign country to me. I jut smile & nod, smile & nod . . .

  8. i dont have it up in front of me right now (that sounds dirty), but isnt there a MANAGE YOUR BLOGS button on the bottom of the dash? im pretty sure thats how ive done it...

    p.s. i took your idea about the tatoo! pics coming in todays post.