Friday, March 18, 2011


It's been a helluva week around here. I've had some fun and some stress, so I guess it all evens out in the wash. (Damn! I forgot about all that laundry! Ugh!). It'll have to wait until my return from the Mart.

I received an email this week asking if I planned on bringing back the Friday Secrets. I would love to. Maybe not every single Friday, but what if I collected them until I had a handful or so, then posted? if you're interested in sending in a secret. Or, hell, if you just want to chat. It can take me a day or two to reply to regular email (I never reply to secrets), so just know I'm the queen of procrastination.

I do have a funny story before I head out. On Tuesday, I had planned to run by the Kroger in St. Albans to pick up a few things and a prescription for the Evil Twin. Well, I had a stomach bug or food poisoning or something because I felt like crap. I asked the Evil Twin if he would mind going by and getting the few things after work.

I'm sure pharmacies everywhere are like ours. With all the medical privacy laws, there is a sign about 3 feet from the counter asking the next person in line to stand THERE for privacy of the person ahead of them. So, being a rule following sort of fellow, he stood THERE. The woman in front of him apparently had a blue million questions. He did overhear her asking about expiration dates on several of her truckload of pills.

The woman was wrapping up her business, making her purchase and some guy swooped in and practically hopped up on her shoulder. He even put his other items on the counter - before she was even finished! The clerk said nothing even though the Evil Twin (at over 6 feet and about 250lbs) had been CLEARLY standing there for about 20 minutes.

The Evil Twin just about had a stroke. He yelled, "Am I invisible? I'm standing right here!"

Doofus line cutter: "I didn't see you."

TET: "You didn't see me? I've been standing here for 20 minutes to give this lady her privacy while she dealt with the pharmacy. Did you not see this sign?" (he then proceeds to turn the sign around and read every word very slowly).

DLC: "Well, you can go ahead of me, if you want."

TET: "You're damn straight because I WAS HERE FIRST." At this point, he brushes his arm across the counter and sends most of the DLC's items flying. By this time, he had completly lost it and by all accounts, the air was turning blue.

Then, Lady he had shown courtesy for speaks up, "I think you should watch your language."

TET: "I don't think it's any of your business. Besides, I was standing back at the sign to be courteous to YOU."

The entire store had stopped shopping to gawk at the scene unfolding.

Um, yeah.....I don't think we'll be using that pharmacy any more.



  1. Bringing back Friday Secrets? Yay! I love hearing other people's secrets. ;-)

  2. LOL... Go Evil Twin!!! (Imagine me doing "Raise the Roof" hand gestures here)

  3. Good for him! I'm always the let-myself-get-run-over type.

  4. Hells yeah!

    I flipped out on the bus the other day because some highschool kids decided they didn't wanna pay the fare.

    The busdriver turned off the bus and stayed there. I got tunnel vision and yelled at him until he sighed a great big sigh and started the bus up.

    Then I yelled at the highschool kids. Then I yelled at them again because they were only going 2 stops.

  5. When he came home and told me there had been trouble, I figured he had reamed some moron in the parking lot for taking a handicapped space with no visible handicap and no handicap tags.

    He even cussed out a little boy for using improper elevator etiquette. Every time, I sign and say, "Do you think these people will ever learn?"

  6. I was on the ET's side until he knocked all the stuff off the counter. That was a bit of overkill. ALthough I could totally see ME doing it. lol

  7. I'm usually a low-profile type guy, but I'm with TET here. There are just some days that courtesy only goes so far, until it's overrun by assholiness.

  8. Good for him, there is nothing more damn irritating than waiting in a queue, only for somebody with no manners, pushing in front of you.

  9. Hmmmm...sounds like me a couple of months ago at Walmart when someone cut in front of me!

    Life can get ugly..LOL!

  10. Yay, for Friday secrets!

    Grrr, for rude line cutters. That happened to me yesterday at the Cheesecake Factory,I said something to the cutter but my 8 year-old was with me so couldn't let loose like I wanted to. Rudeness is becoming an epidemic.

  11. Rude and crude seem to be the norm nowadays. I was always taught as a child to open the door for women and elders. I saw a kid bust through the door at a restaurant without a thought nearly tripping an elderly woman. No apology and the parent just oblivious. But yes, please bring back Friday secrets. I have some juicy ones. Tell ET I says he was right to address the person for being rude and the lady taking her sweet time.

  12. Our pharmacy has that line too, and most of the time people don't pay any attention to it. Fortunately, the women who work there are always watching to see who was really next.

  13. Those new line things are so annoying. Good for your husband for standing up for himself.

  14. wow. don't you hate when you are sticking up for someone and they don't appreciate it. uh.