Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Step Closer

I can call today to set up an appointment for Kindergarten Round up for Sissy! She'll get to meet the teachers and I'll get the scoop on what to expect.

Buddy was sent to private Catholic school, but I was not very happy towards the end and I thought, "Self, you can get the same bullshit down the street for free." The Evil Twin and I both attended public schools and had adequate (or even beyond adequate) educations. Heck, I even went on to waste my dad's money on a Bachelor's Degree - which I did in fact graduate and now I use that education to schlep my kids around town and take care of them.

And to think: I wanted a Master's Degree at some point! My dad paid every shiny penny of my higher education, including rent, food, bills, etc. Before he passed away, he bought a pre-paid college plan for Buddy. We're hoping Buddy gets a scholarship and we can transfer that on to Sissy. Otherwise, she'll just have to be a stripper or something (not that there's anything wrong with that).

At any rate, with the crotch parasites being 8 years apart, we won't have 2 in college at the same time. Unless Buddy is like my brother who spent 8 years at the university and still flunked out. (dad paid his way, too).

Anyhoodle, I guess my point here is that next fall, both of my little charges will be in school full time.

I'll certainly be able to get more accomplished during the days. My mom was a stay at home mom all my life. It was nice to come home from school and have her there.

We'll see how it goes, I suppose. If it comes to keeping a roof over our heads or food on the table, I might consider something part time - like selling my already worn panties on the internet. That should be lucrative!

I'm excited to find out what's in store for my baby girl. The school she will attend is often touted as the best one in this area - thank goodness we're in that district! :-)

I'm off to get myself in check for the day and get Sissy ready for preschool. I have errands to run (stop the presses! No one would guess I have errands! LOL).

One thing I DO know: I will be glad to walk away from the shitty pre-school she has attended this year. The only reason I didn't move her is because she had already made friends and I know, first hand, how having to change schools mid-stream is stressful.

I may not be "Mother of the Year" material, but at least I keep their best interests at heart!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!



  1. "The crotch parasites"...I am laughing so hard...

  2. I think you sound like a great Mom.

    Hey, let me know if there's any money to be made in the worn panty market. I could always use a few extra bucks!

  3. Anytime you can call your kids "crotch parasites" while worrying about their future...You're a good mom. Wahoo to you for upcoming free time.

  4. I think I had crotch parasites once, but my doctor gave me some drugs and they went away....

  5. I remember kindergarten. Those were some good times.

  6. Your brother sounds like my older sister. 7 years at University and no degree. Mean while since she used all the money my parents had on her lack of education (the only thing she got out of it was an ex-husband), by the time I was ready to go there was no money for me and I had to pay my own way. Bitter? Yes, I think so.

  7. KIndergarten....Man, I don't miss those days. Cheers ETW!!

  8. I think you're a killer mom.

    As a mom that only works part time with both kids in school, it's amazing how often it comes in handy. There always seems to be some reason I need to be able to run something to school or go pick something up or whatever.

  9. LOL... I'm new here, and you had me at "hausfrau". This is some funny hausfrau biz! I look forward to reading more :)