Friday, April 1, 2011

No Friday Secrets (Again!)

Come on, hooligans! I know you have delicious secrets and skeletons in your closet. All you have to do is create a fake email addy and send your dirty laundry to I never respond to secret emails and I don't try to uncover anyone's true identity. That would just be all kinds of wrong.

Get that monkey off your back and let it all out! You'll feel better and my readers are very kind, non-judgmental people.

Don't make me grovel, because I hate that crap. I'm just too proud to beg. Hee hee!

In other news, I've been getting spam comments on older entries. Luckily, Blogger does not post these comments, but I have to go back and close off new comments on those entries. I chose to allow the existing comments, but cut it off for new comments. It doesn't mean I don't love you all - you know I do! But, if you didn't comment on a post that was written over a year ago, well....yer outta luck. Email me personally if you have an opinion. The email addy is up there somewhere. :-)

What is most annoying about the spam comments is that my Android phone bleeps and bloops when I get email. I don't have to pay extra for it (Thanx, Sprint!), but all those beeps are a real pain in my keister. I don't mind the beeps when it's legitimate email I might want to read on the fly, but when it's just junk... It makes me very irritated. Do you KNOW how much I have to charge that daggone phone on a daily basis? (side note: The "smart phones" are known to have a less than average battery life than other cells...I guess they're too busy being "smart").

Hooligans, it is FRIDAY and I am super duper happy! It's still cold here (it snowed yesterday!!), but at least it's sunny and I have a good day ahead. Hope that all of you do too!



  1. I disabled the sound for emails on my Droid because it was driving me crazy. I'm with you on the battery life, I keep chargers everywhere now!

  2. My phone goes off all the freaking time. I really need to turn off all the alerts...

  3. Wow... I just discovered another advantage to not being popular. Awesome!

  4. I've unsubscribed to many places due to stupid emails. Eventually my phones beeping and blooping will slow.

  5. I did the settings on Blogger that allow people to add comments to older posts but I have to approve them. I have actually received comments (as opposed to Chinese Pr0n spam) from posts I made three years ago. It's like reading my own blog for the first time!

    By the way, my Android battery seems like it is good for about 10 minutes of Angry Birds or 5 e-mails, whichever comes first. They should just build a backpack mounted car battery for those things.