Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me and Bobby McAllergies

I've had allergies all my life. This year has been the worst for me. Seriously, 42 years and I'm suffering more than usual. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm used to it.

But, it seems more severe this year. I hate taking the meds cause they make me feel weird (what a stretch, huh?)Okay, so they make me feel wiggier than I feel on a normal basis and I'm kinda used to being my own level of weird. I don't wish for any enhancements on that front.

I'm so off, I thought yesterday was Thursday. The bigger kids had a half day of school, which means the preschool kids (Sissy) didn't have school at all. So, after Buddy got home from school, Little Miss Priss and I made the trek to the Mart. I swear I bought a big bag of assorted chips, but when I got home, there were no chips and no charge on the receipt.

I'm really stressed out about my part time job. I can't get into it, but every day I'm reminded about how I need to step it up. It's PART TIME. I only have 12 hours a week to do all my own household stuff - cleaning, paying bills, shopping, etc. - it's hard to squeeze in much else. I lose at life, I guess.

Good news: I've received several secrets for the week, which means you will be entertained with secrets tomorrow and a special photo! That's something to look forward to. Until then, I leave you with this image:

This qualifies in the, "Are you sh*%&$g me?" categories.
This woman is out shopping - in public - with no shirt on.

She has her boobs tucked into her pants.


(I found this on People of Har har.)

Happy Thursday, hooligans. I love you all.



  1. Last week at 11pm I realized my daughter needed dance tights for dance in the morning. I begrudgingly headed out to Walmart spent 20 minutes digging through the tights to salvage the last pair in her size. I picked up several other items that I really did not have to have, but hey that's what you do at Walmart right?
    60bucks and 1 1/2 hours later, I returned home and no tights! Not on my receipt either?
    Can't wait to hear the secrets!

  2. I am glad they caught her from the backside...If she would have turned around I think somebody would have puked.

    Yeah, allergies are a bitch! I have them here 365 days a year in the land where no foliage dies.

  3. I would never recover If I saw that in person. Never.

  4. That picture is wrong on so many levels I can't count that high.

  5. You need to find the matching male photo with an old man with his balls tucked into his socks....

  6. I remember being tested for allergies when I was a little kid and coming up negative to all of them but I think I may have developed some later in life. It’s nothing significant but I’ve been exhausted all day every day for the last few springs..?

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Allergies are worse for me this season too.

  8. Allergies are a bitch. Hope spring is short & sweet and we head right into summer. We've earned it after this winter!

    That picture is disturbing. She's probably going commando under those pants too, huh? Wonder if her husband is the guy wandering around in shorts pulled up so high his junk is hanging out one of the leg openings?

  9. Holy crap on the picture!! I'm so scared that someday that I'll end up on that website but I know that I'd remember to put a shirt on to go shopping.

    Sorry about the allergies. It's awhile before the pollen kicks up here and I'm not looking forward to it.