Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Willing to Compromise

I did receive one Friday Secret...but I won't post it until I receive a few more. However, in the message, the sender let me know that if I posted more cleavage pics, I might get more secrets. So, I promise to add a li'l something special next Friday if I do, in fact, get a few more secrets. Deal? :-)

We've been really busy around here trying to get things back to normal after living in the "hobo camp" Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Granted, our "hobo camp" was slightly more comfortable and I'm sure it smelled better than an actual hobo camp, but getting back into the routine..... Vacuuming, laundry, you know - actually being able to see at night and trying not to die of hypothermia, dishes and restocking the fridge and freezer. It's all very exciting! \

I'm sure you can feel my joy.

Also a bummer about no electricity: falling behind on reading my favorite blogs (that would be YOURS, darlin'!) I'm going to try and jump back in the best I can.

Over the Great Blackout of 2011, we received a package from Crocs (yes, my children love them). Sissy got 4 Jibbitz and one is a Buzz Lightyear that actually lights up. I had to order a bunch of junk to get free shipping. I'm weird like that. Buddy is far too cool for Jibbitz on his Crocs. Even the Evil Twin likes his to wear around the house. I have narrow feet and high arches, so the standard doesn't fit me well.

However, when we went to Disney World in 2009, I found really cute Croc Flops (as I like to call them). It's just a Croc flip flop with a Mickey head cut out in the middle. I wear them for gardening or out on the back patio. For outings, I wear my Naot Montreals. Now, those do good for my calves.

Okay, send me the secrets and get a fancy boob shot, allright? Have a happy Friday and a good weekend, hooligans. I'll catch up over the weekend and see y'all again on Monday! :-)



  1. Cleavage for secrets is a fair compromise. But, if I were you, I wouldn't post the cleavage until you got enough secrets to post. Don't give up the cleavage first. ;-)

  2. Cummmon people... send in some secrets... oh we know you've got 'em.... some of us are dying to see some cleavage... and for those first timers... let me tell you... ETW has some awesome titties....

  3. Surely we all have some secrets, right? Let's work together on this worthy effort!

  4. For the love of Pete people...send in your SECRETS!! Doesn't anyone understand that I look forward to Friday Secrets's? Geesh!

  5. Might have to go out and make a few secrets just for the cleavage shots.

  6. Glad to hear you are back to normal...I actually slept through that storm a little south of you. Pretty sure if there was a tornado involved I wouldn't have noticed that either.

    I want to find you Croc flops with Mickey! My friend is a flip flop freak and a Mickey freak. She'd love them!

  7. What is it about boobs? You've had one hell of storm turn your lights off and all we can go on about are tits.

    I'm easy, large, small, perky, pendulous, in your eye or sneaking up to kiss you gently. Bring them boobs on baby.

    P.S. Sorry that you're without the net.