Friday, April 22, 2011


I only received one secret this week. Sad, since today is my birthday and all. You think you all might have tried harder! That's ok, I won't forget y'all in your time of need. I'm awesome like that.

So, I will hold the one secret over until next Friday and perhaps I will receive other secrets AND be able to show off what my new camera can do! YAY!

We've been on Easter Break this week - I know, I know....Most people call it Spring Break, but as a Catholic, I like to call it Easter Break. Even if it doesn't take place anywhere near Easter most years.

It's been a gloomy, rainy and coolish day around here, but the majority of the week has been rather nice weather-wise. Some years, it's still practically winter around here and we're still scuttling around in sweaters and coats, etc.

Now, I'm off to celebrate from today until Mother's Day. I might as well. I mean, who's gonna keep the wine market afloat in this economy if not me?? I'm proud to step up and fill the void.

I hope you hooligans have a lovely Friday and an even better weekend! Party like you're farty! Or something like that....



  1. Yeah...we suck! However, we do love you and want to wish you the happiest of Birthdays! Here is hoping you make today a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday!! And I'm proud of you for supporting the wine industry in the troubling economic times!

  3. First, Happy M-Fing Birthday!

    Second, what kind of secret do you want? Just any old secret? Or is it a theme?

    How old?

  4. Happy b-earth-day! lol... I am cracking myself up :P

    Hope you had a luscious day :)

    Secrets? Riiiiight... Friday secrets... do we ask you to tell us a secret or do we tell you a secret? I'm new here.

  5. Secrets? we ask you to tell us a secret or do we tell you a secret? I'm new here.

    Send her a juicy secret using a fake e-mail address and she'll post it along with others. Then we can all make comments about it! Good times!

    Happy Late B-Day ETW!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday ETW! Enjoy that wine (I myself am doing my part to keep the beer market afloat).

    I wish I had a juicy secret to share but either my life is an open book or I am really boring!

  7. Well happy belated birthday gorgeous!

  8. And hello Monday!

    Hope you had a hippity hoppity great Easter!

  9. Well Happy Belated Birthday! And I hope you had a great one and a glorious Easter:)