Friday, April 29, 2011

Told You I Was On Vacation

Soooo, I've taken the last couple of days off the old daily posting. I've just been trying to get back to my zen place.

Early in the week, my anxiety was all jacked up. My nerves were all frazzled and my stomach hurt. I think I'd been carrying around too much stress for too long. Thank goodness, I've got one monkey off my back - I may talk about that later on. Or not. Depends on my mood.

The Evil Twin took Sissy to the circus last night and by all accounts, they had a wonderful time. It was her first circus experience. Buddy had opted out and all those animal smells make me throw up in my mouth a little.

I have a very keen sense of smell - which is both a blessing and a curse, as you can imagine. I mean, if the house was on fire, I would be aware right away. On the other hand, if there's something sketchy in the trash can causing it to smell like a hot dumpster, well, I'm also aware of that right away. The air freshener companies get a lot of our money - sprays, plug-ins, etc. That's one of my favorite aisles at the Mart.

I'm all about the good smells! :-)

Anyhoodle, Sissy does not have preschool today, so it's a seriously laid back day for us. Sure, I have laundry to do and a dishwasher to unload and reload, a kitchen that needs an antibacterial wipe down, etc., but that's nothing in the scope of things that force me to interact with the general (and generally rude) public.

I do have to swing by a grocery store of some sort because I need items to prep food for the next week. I must start my list and check it twice - otherwise, we'll have nothing to eat next week! Eeeek!

Happy Friday, hooligans. I still only have the one secret from last week, which I'm keeping until I receive one or two more.

For those new to the "Friday Secrets", you can get an anonymous email or just make a fake addy from where ever. Send it to I do not respond to secrets emails, I just copy and paste the secret in a secret file and delete the email. I never try to trace anything back to anyone. Even if you use your regular email, I will never share the info with another person. I also do not comment on Fridays, that's for my readers and they are awfully kind and insightful. I don't allow hateful comments, SOOOOOOO - Send in a secret!!! :-) Get that monkey off your back!

Love ya, hooligans!


  1. The circus sounds fun except for those creepy clowns....

  2. Speaking of generally rude public but when did it become the rage to be on the phone all the time? I pulled into Sheetz to put some much needed and overly expensive fossil juice into my ever thristy mode of transportation. Nearly everyone I noticed was on a cell phone. Well everyone but me. I refuse to have conversations on a phone when driving or handling highly flammable liquids. What is wrong with people that they can't shut the phone off. Even for a brief minute. I wonder if these folks still carry on their conversation when they go to the john. Rant out!!!

  3. I smell nothing. My sense of smell is weak. And I am so glad for that.

  4. I often smell burning wires. One doctor worried it was the sign of a stroke or brain tumors, while another doctor related it back to sinus issues.

    That was a few years ago. Since I've not had a stroke (or fallen over dead), I'm assuming it's the latter.

  5. That secrets idea is great!

    Hope you find and remain in your Zen place.

  6. You still have circuses, lucky you.

    Smells - if I smell anything resembling that of antiseptic or chloroform, I'm back in hospital.

    I misread your line about your favourite aisles. I replaced "the Mart" with "the fart".

    No amount of air freshener can deal with that!