Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ten PM

And I am finished with the 7th of the Harry Potter books. I have read furiously for the last two days and even I can't believe that I finished so soon. We had company last night, which held up my reading schedule. Otherwise, I'd have finished last night, I'm sure.

I'm a fast reader, always have been. Buddy got the Bookworm Award from school one month last year, but I swear, he hasn't been seen holding a book (other than a magazine) all summer. Buddy needs to learn that there is more to life than video games and TV.

I suppose it is only through our (mine and the ET's ) faults that we allowed our son to have so much access to such things, but it's kind of like that "thing that all the kids are doing" these days and unless we want him to be a complete outcast, we allow it.

It sucks and I have more pressing parental problems than just that, but that needs to be a whole different post. I'm just too sapped out by my marathon book reading to get into much more.

Perhaps tomorrow evening? We'll see.


  1. The wife started making a list out for a daughter this summer of things she has to do each day before dinner. Walk the dog for fifteen minutes, ride your bike for fifteen minutes, play drums for fifteen minutes, read her summer book for 1/2 hour, etc. She did it in an attempt to get her off the couch and away from the TV and computer.

    It's work well. Some times she does the fifteen minutes, other times she may be gone with the dog for an hour or on her drums for two. Once she gets into something else she tends to stay with it a while. It was the getting started that was hard.

  2. Ah King, that's a great idea. Must remember that for the next "track out" for my Things.

    Here in the land of year-round school, our kids have 9 weeks of school , on then 3 or 4 weeks off, depsnding on the rotation. Most recently they had JULY off.

    For four days they were at the lake. For 4 days the were in the mountains. For 2 days they were either preparing for or recovering from those trips.

    The rest of the time it was kind of a free-for all of electronics. If they had any MORE tiem off I'm pretty sure we'd be sticking them in camps and such to just get them going. They've already had a summer's worth of PS2,even only having been out for 4 weeks!

  3. What an awesome idea!

    Nooze loves to read, but I have gone light on her this summer. I have let her watch waaay too much tv. I can tell by the attitude.

    Thankfully, C is a little stricter these days. They are currently putting puzzles together in the living room. They have been at it for over 2 hours now!

  4. Sadly, if a child does not read throughout the summer, they will lose two months of learning that is forever lost when school starts that's just what you wanted to hear. Hope you enjoyed Mr. Potter. I have not read any of the books.