Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Harry Potter's Birthday

And also film director Mario Bava. My friend's son turns 14 today. And, the Evil Twin is 48. Having a mid-week birthday is kind of a bummer, though, I think.

He went out to lunch with co-workers and didn't really want anything special tonight. Perhaps we'll do dinner someplace decent on Friday evening. We have a load of weekend things lined up so we probably won't be able to get out of that (basically it involves peeling wall paper and painting... we are now on the downstairs phase of the remodeling).

Buddy had an eye appointment this afternoon (his vision is improving!). Then, we went to put gas in the van, head to Hallmark and then Walmart for general lunch and dinner items. It was humid as all get out and the baby was cranky. I did get her a really cute pair of pink "Croc-offs" - The Dogz brand at Hallmark, which really weren't that less expensive than the Crocs. But, I had a gift card from my birthday left over, and those were covered. In case you wanted to know a fun fact about me - I am a dyed in the wool Hallmark addict. I belong to the National Club and the local club and I own enough Christmas ornaments to full dress three or four trees, but the Evil Twin keeps me sane and we only do one. The ornies get rotation - favorites are out every year.

So, back to the birthday shenanigans. The Evil Twin didn't really want anything special and try as I might, I couldn't come up with any fantastic thing to get him that would be a big surprise. Besides, traditionally, we don't buy for holidays or anniversaries for each other. I buy what I like during the year, and he does the same. Large purchases are put off for holidays and considered "our gift to each other". I tried that with the big ass TV.

You'll recall that I gave him that for Father's Day. Then, I pointed at it yesterday and said, "Happy Birthday!". He asked, "How many holidays will I be getting that as a gift? The next 5 Christmases?" and I said, "Well, none of my gifts ever costed that much!" LOL.

Evil Twin - I love you, honey. I hope you had a great day (and night! ;-))


  1. We do two Christmas trees, one upstairs and one in the basement.

    You hope he had a great night? You were there right?

  2. Ha! (for the king)

    Happy Birthday, Evil Twin!!

  3. Too funny, King!

    And a big happy birthday to the Evil Twin!

  4. Well, we weren't ready for bed at 8 pm (when I posted), so I had to hope for *future* fun... And yes, I was there and it was fun. Ptttthhhtp!

  5. Yes, we also often do the one big gift that keeps on giving ;-D

    Sounds like you still came up with the perfect gift *wink wink*

  6. Happy Happy! Y'all are smart about that gift-giving thing, becaue good grief, how much "stuff " do people really need?

  7. My really sensitive husband bought an anniversary ring for me on our 8th. The ring had 12 diamonds and for 4 anniversaries thereafter he said happy anniversary and pointed to the ring. I was not happy. I love Hallmark too but for the cards. I must have a hundred stored in my desk for any and every need.