Friday, July 20, 2007


Things at the Evil Twin's office have been kinda messed up lately and the "rules" have been changing, too. For many years now, he has worked a flex schedule of 4 ten hour days (off on Friday).

As of Monday, that changes. He is going to go back to 5 day, 8 hour days. Which means we don't have our Fridays "off" together anymore. Waaah. But, trying to look on the bright side, he will be home earlier, so we can all have dinner together, not in shifts.

For our last Friday, we pretty much stuck to the usual routine of lunch at Mayberry's and a few errands. The weather was really mild today with plenty of refreshing breezes, so we all played in the backyard for a while and the kids got all tired out. The baby went to sleep almost immediately after her bath and bottle.

The Evil Twin and Buddy are doing their Friday Night Freakshow and I am covering a few errant greys in my otherwise black hair. Whew! I hope I don't have too much fun!

I do have my good friend Char Donnay over and we always have a great time together. I spoke to my biological mom on the phone last night for quite a while. I'm really having a blast finding out all these little bits of information that make me, well, me. And, I'm still just blown away that I finally have a chance to get to know this other "family". I was starting to lose hope.

Well, I need to get the bird back in his cage before he lands on my hair full of black dye!


  1. Or the bird may land in the char donnay!

    I have a good friend too. Her name is Pinot Noir.....LOL

  2. If not for kenju's coment, that one would have gone right over my head. I guess my friend's name would have to be Boxed Wine.

    Gee, too bad you have a few grey hairs to cover...I have a whole head of them.

  3. Mine's Bud Weiser. Having a day off during the week is the best thing about my job. Sucks you two will lose that.

  4. My best friend, most days, is Chocolate Silk.

    Other days, it is either Vanilla Coke...or JET FUEL.

    JET FUEL is a fairweather friend, and can only visit when I am tired and have much to do.

  5. Dan works four-ten hour days. I love having Fridays together...especially when the kids are in school! (Can we say naked all over the house?) LOL...

    Maybe things will change back again and he'll be home on Fridays again soon.