Monday, July 16, 2007

Customer Service

I know this is one of BKs favorite subjects - and BTW, thanks for the compliment on the rug... I bought a 9x12 and an 8x10 - they're hand knotted Sand Wool and even I had to get really drunk before I could place the order. We all know how cheap I am... But, I digress.

Sissy has been using the same dresser that we bought for Buddy when he was born. Now, you'll recall that my kids are 8 years apart and Buddy really got a lot of wear from that dresser. It was a cheapy and it was just limping along by the time we moved to our current house (3 years ago). It sustained more damage from the move and was really sad, but we figured we could let Sissy use it until she got a big girl bed and real room furniture.

No such luck. The bottom of two of the three drawers was falling in and despite several attempts by the Evil Twin to repair it, it just wasn't meant to be. So, I thought we would get her a cheapy dresser that will do the job in the interim. I'm a fierce online shopper and bargain hunter. I found the dresser I liked for a decent price PLUS free shipping.

The dresser I bought had beadboard sides and metal pulls. It arrived in the mail and when the Evil Twin started the assembly production, it was noted that both sides were plain (flat), not bead board and AND - get this... there were no fashionable metal pulls, instead they had included chintzy ivory plastic pulls. TF?

The Evil Twin drove to Lowe's and found suitable replacements (in metal) and voila! The dresser was complete. In the meantime, I had called the company I ordered from. I had to leave a message and they didn't get back to me until today. I explained our dilemma, but said the dresser was already assembled and in use. However, I had not received the item as stated and with all the various perks listed with the product in question.

I was asked to take pictures of the sides and the plastic pulls and email them back to a semi-friendly customer service rep. She viewed the photos and called me back a short time later. She offered me a $50 refund and I took it. It wasn't an expensive piece to begin with and I DID get free shipping.

I do like it and it looks super cute in her room. It's just the right size - not too big and not too small. I think it'll do the job for a few more years. :-)


  1. Wow~

    Are you telling me that when you called and 'complained', they believed you? And simply required proof? Then they offered you a partial refund?

    Wow. Someone is actually still in the business of customer service, eh?

  2. The next time I have a problem with merchandise, I'm sending you the info so you can make the call for me!! Good for you!

  3. Wow, how great was that. If only everyone would treat their customers like that. (Then again, how many people don't have the fortitude to complain and are then stuck with something different than they ordered.)