Monday, July 9, 2007


This is my 100th post. Pretty exciting, huh? Only not as exciting as my day yesterday. Where do I start???

My phone rang at about 4 pm. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID, but decided to answer it anyway. A female voice asked for me and I said "This is she." Just like always. She seemed hesitant at first, but then asked if I had entered information on and I said I did. I started to catch on at this point that this person with whom I was speaking KNEW me or knew something about my biological mother.

Oh, she knew plenty about my biological mother. 'Cause she's my sister! She's 32 and I also have a brother who is 28. It turns out that we are whole siblings as my biological mother and biological father got married about 5 years after I was born (and given up for adoption) and had two more children.

My bio mom had told my sister about me when she was about 13 and the family had attempted to locate me over the years, but didn't have much to go on. They kind of gave up because they reasoned that maybe I didn't want to be found or that I'd be angry or feel invaded.

The weirdest thing is that I had started an earnest search for my bio mom about a year ago and located her and was resonably sure that was her address, but was too chicken to send a letter in case it wasn't the correct address. So, I did nothing.

My sister had had a conversation with a friend of the family and mentioned me. She told him all the info she had and within a half hour, he had found me!

She was nervous, but talked to other family members who advised her that if I didn't want to be contacted, I wouldn't have put my information out there on the internet. I was so thrilled to hear from her. She sent pics of herself and we could be twins!

Later in the evening, my bio mom called and we spent about 2 hours on the phone. It was like putting the missing pieces on a puzzle. She had the first half of the info and I had the rest. She is very nice and we hope to meet each other in the near future. My bio dad and her divorced years ago, but he also knows I've been "found", so I hope to meet him as well.

So, I went from having only my immediate family to having a bio mom, bio dad, brother and sister in one afternoon. I also have aunts and cousins who are anxious to make me part of the family! I'm really excited to be entering this chapter of my life.

I can rest easy knowing that my children will know their medical histories (on my side) and their background heritage. As I suspected, I am largely Irish. Now, I can walk around saying "Beggorah" and "Top o' the mornin' to ye" and not be a poseur. LOL.


  1. Now THAT is an excellent weekend!


  2. That is fantastic. It will be neat to have a whole other family to explore.

  3. Sweeeeeet!!! How cool, it sounds like it went really well for all of you!

    I have a half-brother, whom I first met at my sister's wedding. I've seen him exactly twice, and then he disappeared again. I think of him often.

    I also have a half-sister out there somewhere, I'd love to meet her but it's increasingly unlikely since our mom is in a nursing home with MS.

    Hope your reunions are pleasant and fulfilling.

  4. Wow very cool. My hundreth post is fast approaching and I can only hope mine is half as exciting as yours.


    COngratulations and wow.

  6. I am so pleased for you! I know how it feels to be found - but I was not expecting it when it happened to me. You re lucky to have siblings. I had only my birth mom and her two adopted children, with whom I had nothing in common. My birth parents married when I was 2 yrs. old (given away at birth), but they could never have anymore of their own.

    Good luck in getting to know all your new family!