Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Customer Service Part 2

Yesterday, I had a pleasant customer service encounter. As you all may know, we've been doing quite a bit of remodeling in our house, so I've ordered lots of stuff online. Especially items that are hard to find, if not impossible to find, in my area.

One order I placed was for a recessed soap dish and a recessed toilet paper holder. The previous owners of the home had designed the small half bath with those features, but the ones in place were all rusty and corroded looking. I found a place on line that had the sizes and color I needed and ordered them.

Weeks went by and I hadn't received either item. So, I called the customer service number. They told me it was a 2 to 4 week lead time on items being shipped, so I waited. About a week later, I received the recessed soap holder, but no TP holder. I waited another week and finally I called again today.

After being placed on hold several times, the representative came back on the phone to tell me the item in question had been discontinued. I said that I had bought them both at the same place, so they would match. She asked if I wanted to return the soap dish. I told her it had already been installed! We got it two weeks ago!

So, she said she would put in for a refund on the price of the TP holder. No apology, nothing. I could have been sitting around here for months waiting on that thing. They had my email address, so contacting me would have been relatively painless. Whatever!

I found another recessed TP holder (even cheaper than the other one) and it will fit and the color is close enough (polished stainless steel, as opposed to polished chrome... I mean, really, it will be hidden behind butt wipe, so who really cares????).

That stupid TP holder is the LAST item I need before I can call that bathroom "finished". I tell ya, it just makes you wonder how some places stay in business! Humph!


  1. Your den looks really nice...I love the bold colors...and the rug...fabulous. Pretty nice of the dresser company...and the toilet paper place? Send em a nasty email to the customer service dept. The older I get (can I get any older...horrors) the less tolerance I have for that kind of cr**. Are you going to do a post of all of the remodel?

  2. That's more like it. That is the kind of customer service I'm used to.