Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our Funny Bird

Buddy was all beside himself earlier today when Apple, our parakeet, flew out of his cage and landed on Buddy's shoulder. Apple started nipping at Buddy's hair (which is always cut very, very short, as per the Evil Twin's specifications).

Apple flew out of his cage a second time and Buddy started running from him. He ran into the kitchen, back thru the dining room and back into the den and the bird was flying after him the whole time. Sissy, Buddy and I were all dying laughing. When Buddy finally ducked and Apple realized he wouldn't be able to land on him, he landed on me. He hung out for a bit and then flew back to his cage.

Anyway, Buddy was saying, "Mommy, you need to blog this right now!" LOL. I like to have relative quiet when I'm writing, so I wait until Sissy is in bed - at the VERY least.

I'm thinking, well, it probably won't be interesting to any one but our little family, but it was the first time Apple has really interacted with us like that at all and of course, he picked Buddy. I'm the one who has been trying to tame the thing and I'm the one who gives him fresh food and water every day and keeps his little environment clean. Oh well, that's okay. I've read that they like children best because of the tone of their voices (higher).

We went to the pet shop this afternoon to get the bird a little play gym (a wooden platform thing they can hang out on when outside their cages - they like perching areas), and while we were there, we looked at all the other parakeets. I think I half convinced the Evil Twin into getting another one. We'll see....


  1. Aaaah!


    Sorry, they make me panic.

    They always have.

    My mother used to say that it was because she saw "The Birds" while pregnant with me...

    I'm not so sure...