Saturday, July 7, 2007


For some reason, I can't get to the title bar (my cursor won't show up in it). So, the title of this is "Clarification".

I visited Rosemary's Attic earlier today and left a comment. I was in a hurry and trying to think while noise distracted me and I was working on dinner, too. Anyway, after I had left the comment, I felt like it reflected badly on me. See, the subject was on her leaving a job after burn out and not having regrets. I mentioned that I too had "downsized" jobs due to stress and that now "I was a full time mom with lots of stress and no pay LOL". Later I got to thinking that perhaps that statement would make me seem ungrateful or unhappy about my decision or role in our family and nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is I love raising my kids. Sure, I want to pull my hair out some days and I don't make any money, but I get loads of kisses - have you had a sloppy kiss from a 17 month old lately?? - and hugs and laughs galore. My kids are funny and cute. Buddy has a warped sense of humor like his parents. Sissy is already acting as though she will fit right in with our nuthouse.

I just wanted to get that out....

We took the kids to the Greyhound Dog Track today. Way back, when I was in college, I was a cocktail waitress there. My dad never told my grandmother (his mom) what I was doing then, because not only was I serving alcohol, I was serving it in a gambling establishment (they were Southern Baptist, but my dad never let those things get to him). So, it's changed a whole lot over the years. They have slot machines and the capability to let people bet on other races across the US/World? I happen to have a weakness for the quarter slots, but only a $10 weakness.

I had been a few years back with my dad and cousins and he gave me $10. I played $4.00 worth and hit a $40.00 jackpot. I took my quarters and quit. Today, I played $10 again. Even though I won small amounts a few times, I had decided unless I hit for more than $10, I would keep playing. It was fun, but I had to go in that section all by myself since no one under 18 is allowed. The Evil Twin stayed in the grand stand area with the kids.

Buddy had never seen the dogs racing and we figured it would be a fun day out. It was nice, but we didn't realize strollers weren't allowed inside. Sissy was all over the place! We ended up sitting at a table outside in front and that was good... she could roam a little and we could keep an eye on her. We had hot dogs and fries, The Evil Twin got chicken nuggets for Sissy, but she didn't really care for them, so she ate french fries and Cheese Nips I had put in my purse.

We're $10 poorer. LOL. That's okay because I did have fun with it. The slot machines are NOT the old one armed bandits of yesterday. These things are fancy! I almost couldn't figure it out and you don't even have to pull the lever. Just press the button and the wheels spin inside.

I can definitely see how people find it so appealing, but I'm too cheap to actually get addicted.


  1. I'm glad that you enjoy being a SAHM. I am also glad that you admit how stressful it can be sometimes. So many people seem to think that the admission that something is hard - or stressful - is a sign of defeat. Like you have to be perfect at it in order to be a success. (As though success is only measured in dollars!)

    I tried gambling (scratch off tickets) a few years ago. I LOVED IT. I had to walk away, as I sensed the beginning of a really serious addiction. I can not imagine living in proximity to a casino. I would probably lose my life savings (currently listed as $13.46, located in my purse).

  2. Love the slots. We have three riverboats within 45 minutes of the house. Don't go very often and always set our limit at $100.

    That way it is not much more than a normal night out with a nice dinner and a show.

  3. You do have the hardest job in the world. I have been a full time mom too...I went back to college after a divorce and had to support my family. My greatest joy came from being a do get paid in exactly the way you said...a million dollars in kisses and love. If I had been given a choice I would have stayed home.

  4. You have a wonderful outlook, and I don't think your comment reflected otherwise. It's just hard, because people that work at home always seem to have to defend themselves. You're doing a wonderful thing!