Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you look at the clock and think things about the time? I do.

For example, when I see it is 4:22, I automatically smile. April (4) 22nd is my birthday.

I'm Catholic, although I haven't attended Mass much since Sissy was born, but every time I see 3:16 on the clock, in my head I say, "For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son...."

At 4:20, I think "Smoke 'em if ya got 'em." Apparently, 420 is some sort of code for smoking weed. I don't smoke cigs or anything else, but it has stuck with me for years.

I have a friend who loves 12:34 because all the numbers are in order. Any time I happen to catch the clock at this time (sometimes twice a day, even!), I think about my friend immediately.

There are others, like birthdays of my family members I'll take note of if I see the clock at those times. I miss a bunch, but when I DO look and it's a "good" time, I get a little charge from it.

I'm terrible at math, but I have a weird relationship with numbers. Phone numbers, social security numbers, birth name it, if I commit it to my memory, it will hang out there forevah!

When the Evil Twin bought our first house, it only had 2 numbers. I feel a proper house has 4 numbers (I don't know why). But, I always wanted a house with 4 numbers. I think that's one reason I'm so happy to live in our house now (2nd house, sold the first one) and it has 4 numbers. I think it's because every house I lived in growing up had 4 numbers before the street name, so it seems familiar to me.

Does anyone else have weird number issues or is it just me?

I'm probably just a lunatic LOL!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. I smile every time I see a clock at 11:11 cause that's what time Hunt was born. And any time I see a watch and it shows 10:10, I wonder if it's broken. When I worked jewelry, we were trained to set all the watches to 10:10 and pull the stem so the battery wouldn't run down. So when we pushed the stem back in, if it stayed 10:10, it was broken.

  2. im the same way... when i see my birth time on a clock i always stop and think.. i was born then.. and thats also the same date as one of my good friends so i stop and think of him too.. 2:13
    My son was born at 12:34 :-)
    my daughter was born at 12:18 the doc asked if i wanted to hold out having her till 12:34 just so my kids would have the same times... i felt like that was too much planning her birth- we had already decided on the day to have me induced 11/28- her father's bday is 5/28, her aunt- 2/28, her grandfather- 9/28 and there's more i just can remember lol.

  3. When I was little I always heard that you should make a wish when you look at a clock and it says 11:11, so I still do that!

    I also count stairs as I walk up them. Don't know why, but I always have.

  4. Numbers are funny things.

    My sister and I have the same last 4 numbers of our cell phone numbers, I wish on 11:11 and 12:21 and many other funky numbers present themselves. Numbers stick with me and when patterns are present, I pay attention.

    Interestingly, my immediate family's bdays can be expressed with only 6 numbers and many of my family's bdays and friends bday's overlap.


  5. Looks like your not alone!

    I have a thing with 10:18. I see it almost everyday on the clock, it just so happens to be my oldest son's birthday AND it is the current address to which I live...weird stuff man!

    We need to look this up and see what these number references mean!

  6. I do think of things about time too. I seem to always look at the clock at 3:11 for some crazy reason.

    In my neighborhood, there are no houses with 4 numbers. Our streets aren't that long. My block goes from 12 to 56. Some of the longer blocks have numbers in the hundreds, but only commercial buildings have 4 digits.

  7. 12:42.

    When I got my watch, my 5 year old daughter started playing with it. She set the alarm on the watch to 12:42 AM. So at 12:42 AM it would ring and chime like there was no tomorrow. It took me a week and two calls to customer support on how to shut off the alarm on the watch. So now at 12:42 somehow I wake up a minute before and check to make sure the watch alarm doesn't go off.

  8. I'm the same with phone and account numbers.
    Birthdays I suck at remembering. But that's just me practicing for having Altheimers in the near future : D

  9. blog hopping and I stopped by - a comment you'd left on another blog caught my eye-
    I get this post. I don't do the clock thing although I have a friend who gives her kids a treat every time the clock read 11:11 and I don't know why- it is something her babysitters did when she was a kid and she loved them is all she says. Yes, but WHY did they do it?
    For me it is birthdays. I remember people's birthdays... I have never lived in a house with 4 numbers, always 3. And now I'm digging through my memeory to see if there were any twos but I don't think so- always 3.

  10. Looks like I'm the only one. I do not share this gift with the rest of you.

  11. I have so many odd traits but this is one I don't have! I'm usually looking at the time and thinking "Holy cow! How did it get that late?".

  12. You're not weird at all. I've always enjoyed the digital clock numbers 1122 and 1123, both of which were addresses where we lived when I was a boy. And 1111 is a picket fence. Just ask my kids. 1234 is obvious. Number 777 is the perfect number. We once quit a game of horseshoes when the score was tied 7-7 on the 7th toss. It was a perfect game.

    My number fixation is really with license plates. I can make out all kinds of words, initials, acronyms, even brief sentences. Here in the Heart of America I often see my initials on plates.

    So sleep well tonight. You're among friends.

  13. Your mind resides in a very dark place doesn't it? Cheers ETW!!