Thursday, October 21, 2010


I spend my days doing roughly the same things around the same times. It's been years since I've been enjoying my little routine. This includes getting in the shower at some point before 10am.

When the kids were smaller, I'd take them into the bathroom with their bouncy seats, so I could see and hear them. When they get a little older, I turn on the kiddie shows and jump in the shower real quick.

This has been the set up for at least a couple of years with Sissy. All without incident. I make sure the doors are locked and she has what she needs for my brief time getting my hair washed (I spend less than 10 minutes doing my shower routine). This point and when drying my hair are the only 2 times she is not directly up my butt - and sometimes even then, she's hanging over my shoulder, chatting non-stop.

Yesterday, I got in the shower and a few moments later Sissy comes in to use the restroom. I can hear her chatting about something, she sounded agitated. I asked her what was wrong.

Sissy: One of the birds got out of the cage.

Me: How did it get out?

Sissy: I don't know.

Me: Did you open that cage? The bird couldn't get out by itself.

Sissy: /crying/ I did, I'm sorry!! /now wailing/

Realizing the cat is also roaming around the den, I have horrid visions of feathers everywhere and I quickly hose off and get out.With only a towel wrapped around me, I see Lovey clinging to the curtains and Bella not far from her. I got the cat and put her in my room while I threw on some clothes.

Lovey is not hand trained (yet!), so I got to chase her around until I could cup her in my hands and return her to the cage, then, I let Bella out.

Sissy didn't have preschool yesterday, so she and I just kinda hung out until it was time to pick up Buddy - he only had a half day at school, so we had time for a bit of lunch, then out the door to get him.

When he got home, he said, "Bella got in my room and broke this." (a tin toy that winds up - it had been knocked off the shelf. I said, "Buddy, your door was shut today, unless Sissy opened it and then Bella got in, I don't think she could have done that."

There were also several other mystery items in his room that weren't there when he left it. I picked up a piece of foam that was on the floor. Immediately, Sissy says, "Throw that in the trash, throw it away!" Hmmmmm. SUSPICIOUS.

I asked her if she had been in Buddy's room and she said, no that Bella had done everything. I told her I could see the "Lie Dot" on her forehead and she finally 'fessed up. She had gone into his room with a ball and while kicking it around, it hit the tin toy which then fell off the shelf. I still don't know how the random piece of foam fits in with any of this, she was crying so hard at being caught up in her dishonesty, we weren't really getting any straight answers.

She apologized to Buddy and me. When the Evil Twin got home, he explained to her that if you blame someone else for your misdeeds, that person (or cat) will be unfairly punished. If you tell the truth right upfront, people tend to be more forgiving.

All I can think is the bird incident took place while I was in the shower and the incident with Buddy's room took place while I was preoccupied drying my hair. She's only 4 and a half! She should not be so shifty. LOL.

I can only remember Buddy lying to us once around that age and it was more of a misunderstanding than an outright lie.

Let's hope today brings less drama for this mama.

No birds, cats or children were harmed during the day. :-)My blood pressure was probably sky high, but I know better than to take it on days like that!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I remember my sister cutting her hair around 4 and then blaming a Barbie doll. Kids really think they can get away with stuff. They must think we are super gullible.

  2. The "Lie Dot" is a great idea. Glad no one was maimed.

  3. That post made me laugh so hard. Being a mom is hard, but at least it gives us great things to blog about, right?

  4. My Mayhem (6 yr old daughter) LIES so much about the most obvious things it drives me CRAZY! My 8 yr old son is compulsively honest. The differences between the two amaze me sometimes.

    Motherhood is a joy isn't it?

  5. I think she IS that shifty...

  6. LOL.... I don't care if she is lying she's just to darn cute. Next time you catch her blaming someone else in an "oh so obvious lie" you can always pretend to punish the person she named in a horrible way, the pressure of watching the unfairness would surely make her crack I would think.

  7. It's normal for kids to lie, thank goodness.

    Some of the stuff they fib about is so totally ridiculous, ain't it?

  8. I know people who take their kids word as gospel, no matter how far-fetched their stories are. Its a disservice to their kids.
    Glad you got to the bottom of it!
    Have a better day today!

  9. Karen - No kidding!

    Mary - Only grown ups can "see" the lie dot... mwahahaha

    Jennifer - They provide lots of blog fodder, that's for sure!

    MC - I'm starting to think the "embellishment" gene only goes to the girls. LOL.

    Doc - She does take after her Aunt, who still tells the most outrageous tales at 49!

    Ron - She DID not want Bella to get a "spanking", so maybe she's learned her lesson now (but probably not). LOL.

    Tiff - I know! That's what makes me insane...the lies aren't even good ones.

    PG - Thanks, hon. It has been better! :-)

  10. be careful with that cat.

    MY cat, which i had thought was the most docile thing in the world, killed my little cockatiel of 20 years the ONE time where i didnt have my eye on him. very sad.

  11. Sounds like you've been having some interesting times!

  12. Slyde - I'm sorry about your sweet cockatiel. We don't let our birds out unless the cat is put away in a different room.

    Inanna - Lord, this child is gonna kill me! LOL.

  13. Nooze used to blame one of the dogs for EVERYTHING.

    I'm unsure how she (the dog) grabbed a pair of scissors and tore through Nooze's bangs, but that was a GREAT trick. The FIRST time it happened, anyway.

  14. You would think that at four,,,, and a half you could shower without the drama. But uh Nope. I get it. I think my daughter sneaks outta bed while I bathe and heists my shit.