Monday, October 18, 2010


I can't believe it's Monday already. Another thing that makes me go "Grrrr" is weekends that go by too fast!

And we really didn't DO anything to eat up all the time, either. It was, however, a relaxing weekend, so I guess it had that going for it.

On Sunday, the Evil Twin made my dad's vegetable soup. It turned out SO good. We suspect it had some sort of sleepy powder in it because after we had all eaten big bowls with some french bread, the Evil Twin and I promptly conked out. We slept for about 3 hours!

The kids entertained themselves while we snoozed, thank goodness.

Sorry about no Friday Secrets. I haven't received any in a couple of weeks, nor have I received a mystery pic! Sad face....

Please, hook me up with something for Friday. Anything! Send me bizarre stories or your most shameful moment. I'll pick my brain and think of something really odd that has happened to me in the past. I know I've got a million stories, but my brain is not functioning 100% right now. It's hard to get going on these chilly mornings, ya know?

Also, my primary care doc upped my high blood pressure medicine, so just when I got used to the lower dose and didn't want to sleep all the time, I'm back to trying to get used to the new dose. Having a 4.5 year old who never stops talking and an 8 month old kitten who won't stay out of trouble or off the birdcage (thereby, causing the birds to carry on loudly), how anyone expects my blood pressure to be any where NEAR the normal range is insane.

Hope y'all have a loverly Monday. I'm off to see the hoo-ha doc after I drop Sissy at preschool. It's my 6 week post hysterectomy appointment! :-) Another busy start to my very full and busy week!



  1. I'd forgotten it was Monday. Thanks for that - now I am depressed...;-)

  2. Weekends are just a blur of beer, football and jocularity.

  3. 6 weeks already! Amazing.

    Hooray for relaxing weekends!

  4. Mmm, I love vegetable soup this time of year. Any soup really, especially in front of a good movie on a Sunday afternoon! You just made a craving!