Friday, October 29, 2010

Stranded and a Halloween Recap

Today is the first day in a very long time where I have nothing going on and no way to do it even if I did.

My van is in the shop getting new rear brakes. We had the front brakes replaced a few months ago and of course, a few weeks later, the back ones started squealing.

It's sort of like my theory on light bulbs. Once one bulb on a fixture goes out, I already know the rest of them will go out, one by one, in the coming days. Good thing we stock up on light bulbs - we go through them around here!

Anyhoodle, having no vehicle means I can just kinda piddle around today. I do have a few things I need to do around the house, but I can squeeze in some much needed rest in there somewhere today! Yay!

Last night was Trick or Treat here. Buddy decided he is too old for the T or T routine and Sissy is terrified of anyone in a mask, so I just bought a couple of big bags of candy for us. This is our first year actually just staying home and I really didn't expect any kids (there's that long, steep driveway thing, ya know). Lo and behold, we did have a handful (one group) of about 6 kids. That was it. I waited for more, but hey, I wouldn't walk up this driveway for a couple of o' pieces of candy, either.

You're probably wondering why Trick or Treat was last night. Well, here in the bible belt West Virginia, lots of people think Halloween is a satanic type holiday or something like that. Also, many people attend church on Wednesday evenings and twice on Sundays (AM and PM). Then, there are the powers that be who believe having trick or treat on a weekend night leads to more mayhem (kids staying out later, getting into trouble, etc.). That leaves us with Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Whichever of those days falls closest to the 31st (but isn't the 31st) is VOILA! Halloween night here. From 6 to 8 pm.

When I was younger and we lived in Georgia, we'd be schlepping our pumpkin buckets around for *hours*. Sometimes, even making a pit stop back home to empty it and go back out on a different street.

I don't think every county in WV has this same set up, but it seems like most do. Because of the limited time frame, you better believe your doorbell will be going "bing bong" at the stroke of 6pm. Like I said, I didn't expect any kids at all, so I was resting on the couch, when shortly after 6pm, *Bing Bong*! I didn't even have the candy open or in the fancy $1 Halloween bucket I bought years ago for one of Buddy's class parties.

I had to hustle to get it together. The kids were real sweet. I let them choose what they liked. I don't know about you, but I always hated getting candy I didn't like at Halloween (things like - GAG - Necco Wafers or Candy Corn). We still have a huge bowl of candy left. But, you know what? I enjoyed not having to wrestle the kids into itchy polyester costumes and try to not forget anything while racing out the door to go to our friends' house. They live in a neighborhood with more children, thus, more houses participating.

I'm sure in a few years, when Sissy gets over her fear of masks, we'll be schlepping her around the neighborhood here - or we can have Buddy be her chaperone while the Evil Twin and I do the hibbity dibbity hand out candy!

This is getting verbose, I know, but before I end it, I would like to thank the throngs of spiders who live around our house for doing the cobweb decorations. I wouldn't have even put that much effort into it, even though it's one of my favorite holidays. So, Thanks, spiders! I've always loved you, but this year, I owe you a solid.

Happy Halloween, hooligans. Remember to check your candy for pins, razors and/or poisons. Be safe and have a spooktacular time!



  1. So far none of the candy I've eaten has had any razors. I kind of wish I'd see one so I'd have a real excuse of not eating them all.

  2. Ansted, one of our smaller hamlets actually is having ToT on SATURDAY, if you can believe that. I guess because in the middle of nowhere, it's sort of hard to cause mayhem (even though us kids have proven it's possible).

    I also sort of agree with it being during the week, simply because when Halloween falls on a weekend, the partiers come out to play. A lot of people will be hosting house parties, and it would be a very confusing, and potentially dangerous situation. And I'm really no Conservative... but walking down the street with your 4 year old and seeing a myriad of "naughty cops", "dirty french maids" (which I don't mind seeing at all) could potentially cause some confusion as well, I guess.

  3. Ahh.... I remember the good old days of drawing the pentagram on the front lawn and lighting the bonfire. It was a simpler time back then and having the honor of sacrificing the goat at the alter still gives me goose bumps. Why can't we get back the good old values of Halloween?!

  4. I had a pumpkin bucket for ToT when I was a kid too! They never held nearly enough candy and my father always ate the Snickers which were my favorite.

    Some communities in MA and NH (I'm in MA near the NH border) do it days other than the actual 31st but so far every place I've lived has always done it on the actual day. Maybe its the influence of the Witch City at work here.

  5. I will forever remember the scene from Halloween II when the Mom is taking her son into the ER because he'd bitten into a razor...ah the good ol' days!

    Luckily Halloween is celebrated on the 31st here. I like the idea of not having to race around when I get home from work and try to get them all ready to go. I think I love the holiday more then my kids..I love seeing all the kids in their costumes and I love all the candy my kids get(but don't tell them that!)

    Happy Halloween!

  6. When I was a kid, living in Charleston, Halloween trick-or-treat was always on the 30th, no matter what day it fell on. Since that is my birthday, I always got extra candy by telling the people it was...

  7. It's usually the same way here...but the church's do their "own" Halloween thing and it totally kills the fun of the Devil's Day for me. Honestly, how did kids dressing up like Superman and princesses turn into Satanic worship?

    Come to our house! The lesbians have Snickers!

  8. I love the spiders, too! Whenever I get a web in the house, if it's in an out-of-the-way-not-too-obnoxious location, I encourage "Pat" (all spiders are named the gender-neutral, "Pat" in my world), by launching bugs into his/her web with the turkey baster.