Friday, October 15, 2010

'Tis Beautiful

By mid October, West, by God, Virginia, is a visual delight. The trees are orange and yellow and red. The mountains are gorgeous. I love this time of year here, but you just never know what the temperature might be. It's generally chilly in the morning, but warmer in the day. Or, it could be very rainy and cold all month long.

It's a crapshoot, really. After a few years, we all just get used to it.

The best thing is when I can look out my picture window and see my mountains across the river. Clouds drifting by or sometimes, a beautiful sunny sky. It really is almost Heaven.

Ask me again in January, when we're ass deep in snow and ice. Then, I don't feel too cozy about the state. LOL.

If ya wanna visit, you should! This is the perfect time! :-)



  1. Your lucky. Around here all we get are brown and yellow leaves..very unappealing.

    What happened? no Friday Secrets again? C'mon people spill your beans!!

  2. Yeah, where are the Friday secrets?

  3. Speaking of views, we haven't seen any mystery bodies in quite awhile...

  4. Ditto to Raquel. WTF?

    I was going to send one in, but got too busy & forgot. Maybe next week... :)

    Meantime, colorful leaves & mountain ranges ain't nearl as entertaining as mystery boobies!!!

  5. Purty... and looks peaceful. Well except for those neighbors... I think they might be spies!!

  6. I grew up and lived in Pittsburgh until my late 20’s and I LOVE your state in the fall. It’s better than Maine!

    I admit that I was afraid to break down out of fear of running into a Jesco White type of family though.

  7. I haven't been there in October since my mother died, and that year it was too early for the trees to have much color.