Sunday, January 13, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I loved Mr. Rogers so much as a child. But, this is actually about being my neighbor. There is a house diagonally across the street from us that is on the market. It has been for about 6 months or so.

It was foreclosed on and the guy who lived there apparently didn't keep it up, maintenance-wise for a long period of time. The house is not trashed inside, but it does need work. It was set to be auctioned off, but the bank ended up buying it back - I guess in hopes of seeing some return of their money.

It's making me a little nervous because it is priced low and I'm afraid we'll get neighbors who are less than attentive about keeping their home and lawn up.

My best hope is that someone buys it and fixes it up. I think someone could put in a low offer, buy it, fix it up and have a really nice piece of property - worth much more than their mortgage would let on. The Evil Twin and I talked about buying it and having it fixed, then selling it, but I'm not feeling that in this market.

They had an open house on it today and there was a small trickle of lookers. We've tried to sell it to everyone we know looking for a house. So far, no luck. We've been blessed to have moved into this area - and we live on a small dead end road - and all the neighbors we have are really nice. They're not the "get in your business" type or "want to be your drinking buddy" types, but they are the types to lend a hand if you needed it.

Think about it, readers. Anyone need a lovely, affordable summer home? LOL. Maybe a nice place to send the kids' when they're on your nerves? It's that affordable! Perhaps you'd just like the honor of being neighbors of the Evil Twins?

Ah, crappity. At least keep us in your good thoughts that whoever does buy it are responsible and nice homeowners. We're kinda nut magnets, though, so I'm not expecting much.

Gotta run - there's a Britney Spears update coming up on Fox.


  1. I've always wanted a Summer home... But I'm the weird neighbor you wouldnt want.

  2. You wouldn't want us there. We'd actually be all in your face!

  3. If gas prices keep going up, you might have a new neighbor! Either that, or I'll be a stay-at-home Mom because I won't be able to afford the commute!

  4. Hmm...maybe I should sell and make my way down there?
    Can you stand some nudity and drunkeness?

  5. oh shoot, and me here with two houses already. Damn.

    Fingers crossed for you and the ET for only GOOD neightbors to move in.

  6. Here's to hoping for good neighbors!

    Let's have some more description. Is it all flat (one-level) or more? Is it old lady friendly (like Mama Buzzardbilly)? Number of steps to the front door?

    BTW, TMZ is running all live stream. All popwreck, all the time.

  7. Lemme correct that. Two live streams of different angles of the courthouse.

  8. When we moved to our present neighborhood, we had a similar situation with a house nearby. It was uninhabited, in disrepair with a broken down car in the driveway and a broken out window. After a few years, however, someone finally bought and remodeled the place, and we have some more cool neighbors.

    Hope you have good luck with your future neighbors!

  9. Good luck with the neighbors!

    If you're lucky maybe Britney will move in there.She'd be more than happy to corrupt your kids.

  10. Now if you had said WINTER home I'd be on the next plane.