Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moving Into 2008

And moving slowly, at that. I've noticed other blogger friends taking a day or two off to gather their wits again.

Today would have been Buddy's first day back to school (and was I soooo ready for it), but alas, it was a snow day. It's still looking kinda slick out on the roads, so I would not be surprised if we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow morning. If it snows more overnight, I'd bet on another snow day. Lord, help me.

I really need to get to the grocery store too. I was waiting until after the holiday hub bub and hijinx died down a bit to get back into mingling with my adoring public.

With any luck, it'll warm up enough to melt the snow/ice on the roads by mid-morning and the Evil Twin can take me to the store. He took a total of 16 days off work and has only 5 left, but it's been nice to have him home. We took the tree down today and it really didn't take all that long. Quite a feat, considering most of the tree is decorated in Hallmark ornaments which have to be lovingly placed back in their boxes with the original wrapping or packaging redone, then put into one of two ginormous Rubbermaid type totes.

Nothing is too good for my babies. They even get preferred storage - cause we wouldn't want them to get wet or anything if a pipe burst. Or get too hot or too cold.

Well, I'm off to get caught up on blogs. I've fallen behind the last couple of days because I actually -- don't be shocked here -- read a book! I feel like I never have time to read anymore, so I took the last two days to enjoy a book that's been waiting for my attention for a couple of months now. Oh, it was "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain. A friend gave it to me and I had been interested in it anyway. so that worked out well. It was a really interesting read, too. That man will eat anything! Blech. LOL.


  1. If I 'read' anything by Anthony Bourdain, it had better have a lot of pictures.

    Of him, not the nasty crap he eats.

    I know he's obnoxious and kinda snaggle toothed, but there is just SOMETHING about him.

    (To which my husband would yell 'He's something, all right. Jerk needs a freakin' bath!')

  2. Nothing like new and unusual foods... unless you're talking vegetables then ewwww..

  3. I LOVED that book. It made me a little leary of restaurants, though :)

  4. It wouldn't be possible for me to be less motivated than I am right now. Matter of fact, I feel a nap coming on right now :)

  5. Renn - once again we are on the same man wavelength.

    But the dude has GOT to brush those teeth. He smokes like a chimney! Yeesh!

    Snow days? Pardon? I forget what those are. Heh heh heh.

  6. I read an article about Tony Bourdain just a couple of days ago and he stopped smoking b/c his wife had a baby.

  7. OMG! Kitchen Confidential is great!!!! It's got lots of good foodie info, but the background stories are great, too. I listened to it in audiobook form (this is how I survive my hourlong commute) and there are a few parts that were so hilarious I had to rewind parts I had missed because I was laughing so hard.

    I love Tony Bourdain.

  8. We've got snow days here that's for sure....lots of them. I rarely read non fiction but reading anything is good. I read your re-cap and all I could think of was: if I recapped my year it would go something like bitch, blah, blah, bitch and on and on.

  9. Dude, your spaghetti and penis comment on Mental Poo made me laugh out loud. Not just LOL, but real life, laughing out loud!